Recommend some motorcycle boots.

Since it seems that there are at least a few riders here, I’d thought I’d ask. I’m looking for some new boots for motorcycling. I was wondering if anyone had experience with Alpinestars Ridge boot. If not, what would you recommend? I’m looking for a boot that is waterproof (this is a must), comfortable walking in, and doesn’t look like a Power Ranger and standing out when worn with street clothes. My current boots meet two of those criteria, but are not waterproof.

I have two pairs of Sidi On Roads that are very good. One pair I’ve had for almost 5 years and I’m wearing them now. I’ve got 50k miles or so on them, I wear them to ride to work. My second pair I got for touring since the older ones the soles have worn down. They are great to walk around in, and supposed to be 100% waterproof. I’ve never had a problem with them getting water in them.

The big problem is cost, they cost around $260 now, and you can’t get them cheaper then that even on the net.

Ditto. I ride in basic black, low-profile SIDI’s (pretty sure same model as Edwards). Love 'em. Have spent a couple hours in torrential downpours on the freeway and never had a problem. Reasonably comfy too. Not for all day of course, but no problem walking around to check something out for a couple hours while touring.

My SIDI’s are great. I forget the model but the original article I read impressed me. The magazine tried out a whole bunch of brands and sprayed each other’s feet with a garden hose to see how they held up. As a final test these were determed to be “stand in the bathtub dry”

I’d really like a set of combat touring boots (made by SIDI) but it will be years before I need new boots.