Recommend me some combat boots!

So, my trusty $100 pair of Marauders have worn the tread off completely after a year of wear and tear, and now squeak noisily whenever I walk in them. I figure this is a good sign I should buy new boots. Problem is, the PX here no longer sells the black leather combat boots (since only the Air Force ever wears BDUs here, and even most of us have switched to ABUs). I can get the red Marine boots, or the tan Desert boots, but neither are authorized with the BDUs. Similarly, I can get the sage green ABU boots, but I much prefer the look of the black boots because I think they just look kinda weird with the BDUs.

So, it looks like my choices are to find a pair of black leather combat boots in town (they’re still popular amongst civvies, right?), hope to get a pair when I go to Travis AFB over Christmas break, or order them off the interweb (I hope the boots don’t get stuck in the tubes! O_O).

So, anybody have any recommendations for boots? Does it make a big difference if I get “warm weather” boots or not? I mean, I figure if it gets cold, that’s why I have wool socks, right? I’m looking for comfort and durability, of course.


to my (rather limited) knowledge you don’t need to bother with cold weather boots (you can wear wool socks, as you said) just so long as your warm weathers are waterproof.

I have a pair of Wolverines that I’ve had for maybe 2 or 3 years now, don’t wear 'em every day (usually a sneakers guy) but when it rains really hard or snows I like to have 'em around. They were, at one point, nice black leather and I even used 'em as dress-up boots, until I beat the shit out of 'em and covered 'em in scuff marks and the like, hehe. Not even shoe polish covers some of those baddies up, so it goes.

I’ve got a pair of Altama boots that are pretty comfy. I got them cheap at a surplus place. They’re waterproof and durable, good traction too.

I wear Magnum’s and Converse and love them both. The Magnums are more traditional.

Ask someone you know in real life that wears them.

Say…oh…, your friends, your co-workers…your Mother?


Sadly, most of my friends and co-workers here now wear the sage green boots, either due to wearing out their black boots (see above, re: PX doesn’t sell black boots) or else being issued them (Air Force stopped issuing BDUs and black boots a year ago). As far as my mom goes, while she does in fact own a pair of combat boots, she doesn’t care much for them and thus probably isn’t a good person to ask. :smiley:

If you can afford it, go to a shoemaker and have a pair made for you.