Recommend some werewolf movies

I’d like to take a crack at writing a script, specifically a werewolf movie. I’ve always liked them and felt that they’ve gotten shortchanged in favor of vampires and zombies. Please recommend some good inspiration. I’ve already seen An American Werewolf in London, the Wolfman remake, Wolf, the first Ginger Snaps, and Wolfen (even though it’s not really a werewolf movie, but still fun). Any good ones I’ve missed? And why are they not as popular?

The Howling was pretty good.

Brotherhood of the Wolf, a French film, is a personal favorite. It’s a very pretty movie, with lots of eye-candy, including some beautifully-shot action scenes.

I liked the BBC tv series Being Human. It is about a werewolf, a host and a vampire living as flatmates in modern England. I haven’t seen the US remake.

Here’s a description of George, the werewolf in the series. (Wikipedia article contains spoilers)

The Company of Wolves
It’s kind of mash-up of werewolf stories and Red Riding Hood, with a bunch of sexual awakening overtones.

This film and An American Werewolf In London (1981) are the best modern werewolf films, IMO.

I also liked The Howling and Dog Soldiers.

Another vote for Dog Soldiers.

The Teen Wolf movies are pretty bad, but the recent MTV series is surprisingly good. It just finished its 2nd season and has been renewed for a 3rd.

Werewolf of London - 1935

The Undying Monster - 1942
The Werewolf - 1956

Blood and Chocolate is okay.

The Howling movies are cheesy but usually fun.

I think you would be very disappointed with Brotherhood of the Wolf because

there are no werewolves in the movie.

I haven’t watched the original UK Being Human mentioned above, but I do watch the North American remake series (also called Being Human) which airs on Syfy here. I think it is very good, and probably deals with the ‘reality’ of being a werewolf better than most other depictions I’ve seen. Season 3 will air sometime (hopefully early) in 2013.

I THINK I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf? It’s in France and Mark Dacascos is a Native American who does kung-fu?

Dog Soldiers sounds pretty good. I’ll have to research some of these.

Dog soldiers is very fun gory entertainment.

Yep, that’s the movie.

Thank you, that explains why he was vaguely familiar to me when he began as the Chairman on Iron Chef America. I mostly remember Monica Bellucci as a courtesan, killing someone with a fan of razor blades.

I’ll throw in a recommendation for that Jack Nicholson/Michelle Pfeiffer movie from the 90s… Wolf.

Arguably, Cat People is a were movie, just not wolves. :smiley:

I’m most familiar with the early 80s version with Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell, but the 1942 original is a classic.

Dog Soldiers is great.

If you have seen Wolfen I’d recommend reading Whitley Streiber’s novel because you’ll find the differences between it and the movie most instructive. Personally I think if they’d stuck closer to the novel they would have made a better movie. There is a nice long piece about the movie here. It’s interesting reading.

I’ve read it, but that article does look interesting; thanks!

I’m curious about my other question as well: why don’t werewolves get the big draws of vampires and zombies? Is it the temporary nature of their monster-hood, at least in some versions?
Also, hijack: I looked up Cat People on Blockbuster. The fourth selection, under the Cat People films? Ant Bully. Weird.

Lots of good recommendations so far. I would like to add She-Wolf of London starring June Lockhart.

Ok, technically, it’s not a werewolf movie. But the detectives spend most of the movie trying to figure out whether the killer is, or is not, a werewolf.

I kinda liked Ginger Snaps. Very low-budget, dark and gory. Good sequel too.

After all these you’re going to need some comic relief, right?