Recommendation for an exciting and engaging, yet 'chill' video game?

Wow, lots of replies! Thanks guys. I wasn’t able to check in yesterday, I’ll certainly look at the recommendations a little later this evening and see what we can come up with!

Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one that noticed that I misspelled “Recommendation” in the title…

Avoiding replying to each post here individually, so my feedbackses:

Subnautica and Outer Worlds: I loved Subnautica; magical game. The Outer Worlds was also amazing. But, she watched me play both plenty of times and didn’t express any interest in playing. I still might try to steer her towards either/both of them.

GTA V: I’ve never played any GTA games. Are they Playstation exclusive?

Portal/2: Good suggestion as well. It’ll be on the list.

Stardew Valley et. al.: Neither of us have ever played anything quite like that. I do love a chill relaxing game as well, though (Looking at you, Farming Simulator 19 and American Struck Simulator) so those will be on the experiment list.

LOTR-O: That’s curious…how does turn-based combat work in an MMORPG? Interesting, and seems like it might be up her alley.

Vampire Survivors: I’ve been following that thread! I have the game, but haven’t tried it yet. It may or may not be what we’re looking for…seems kind of intense.

Mass Effect: A couple of mention of this game. Also haven’t played it, will look in to it.

HADES!: OMG U GUYS. I think you might have nailed it there. I have it and have played it for a while. That you actually never “die”, combined with the mythological background and story…that might be our ticket right there. A very fun game with lots of different play styles to try.I was scrolling through all my games trying to find something and for some reason that didn’t jump out at me. Good call, I’m showing that to her tonight.

Horizon: Aw, that looks awesome but we’re on PC :frowning:

Haha! BL2 and 3: We played through BL, 2, and the Pre-Sequel multiple times together (including DLC). Assault on Dragon Keep was one of our favorites. We got BL3, but for some reason that I can’t put my finger on it didn’t stick. We were really looking forward to it, though. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands looks very cool, I’m sure I’ll get it when it’s on sale and we’ll see then.

City of Heroes: That is something entirely different from what I/we ever play. But I like the idea, definitely on the list.

If Hades ends up being something she likes, you can check out the rest of Supergiant’s catalog! (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre) They’re all excellent games with incredible art, music, voice acting and story!

Don’t forget to also look into LPs or streams of games if you’re not sure or are curious. I don’t get much from trailers personally, so having a more “live” experience may help in determining if you want to get it. Steam purchases can also be refunded for a small time after you get it, but you also have to spend the money first, so not as recommended imo.

Another style of game that might be of interest are turn based games like Civilization or Stellaris where you can stop and think, and you can stop - after one more turn.

They are not, all of the series has been on PC. Though I wouldn’t suggest anything before GTA3, and the remasters might not be the trash fire they got released as. (Not sure if the originals are still buyable on PC) But GTA V isn’t a bad place to start.

Yeah, on PC I’d just stick with GTA V. I have all kinds of problems with GTA IV on PC, much beloved as it is, but V is way better in every possible respect anyways.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available on PC.

Yeah, I was going to recommend that one as well. A lot of walking around a beautify post-apocalyptic landscape that is somehow both sweeping and awe-inspiring and yet compressed enough that it doesn’t feel like a “walking simulator”.

Combat can be challenging, but not overwhelming and it’s pretty intuitive. It’s also pretty easy to disengage from or avoid the various robot predators lurking around.

Death Stranding is a similar chill open world game. It’s freakin weird though. It’s by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid series) so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be artistic or just badly translated to English. Your character is some sort of post-apocalyptic delivery man (who looks exactly like Daryl from Walking Dead because Norman Reedus is the character model). You spend most of your time wandering a devastated America that, for some reason, now looks like Iceland, while trying to avoid invisible black goo monsters. Also you carry around a weird baby in a jar. And the Bionic Woman (Lindsey Wagner) is your mom and/or sister or something.

Also, for unknown reasons, Monster Energy won the energy drink wars and is somehow still around despite civilization basically ending. There must be automated, self-replicating Monster Energy factories churning out massive amounts of the stuff.

With the Director’s Cut that just came out not too long ago, the Monster Energy branding has been replaced with a generic in-universe energy drink. I guess the sponsorship deal ran out?

Not only that, but it’s got some of the best moments of discovery in the history of open world rpg gaming. Cannot recommend enough. Plus if one finds the combat difficult, there’s a there’s both Easy and Story difficulty levels.

Sorry about the misunderstanding about Horizon, y’all! That really does look good; I’m going to keep it on my wishlist for when it goes on sale. If she’s not interested I’d like to play it, at least.

Death Stranding…I played it a bit. I loved, loved the art and atmosphere and concept. I only got a few hours in, and it’s probably my own fault. I got frustrated at the interface in the room, and had started playing when I had little patience left in the first place. Typing this though, I’m having really nice feelings about it. I have some decent time off for the next couple weeks, so I think I’ll have to revisit it again.

The sequel is even better in that regard, I think (but not out for PC, unfortunately)