Recommendations for a Windows powered sound and monitoring system???

We’re building a new house (2 story, 3800 sf). Not quite sure what we want to asking for opinions, experience and recommendations please.

I don’t know anything about the underlying technology but assume we could leverage a Win7 PC as part of the home command center for both a sound system and as an internal monitoring system. Looking for a practical, cost effective solution.

•My wife also wants to be able to play music, internet radio through at least a couple of rooms in the house. Most of what she wants it for is to listen to talk radio, so basic sound with low end speakers.

•I have a child on the autism spectrum and need some way to keep an eye on her when not in the same room. Is there a practical way to have some wireless cameras with audio in various rooms and linked back to the PC? Anyone with experience using a Lorex Technology solution that connects via Skype?

Any thoughts?