Recommendations for group games like Taboo

One of my groups of friends likes games that involve the entire group, like Taboo, Pictionary, and Scattergories.

Since we have played these games many times, we would like to find new games that are similar in nature.

Any recommendations?

Cranium obv.

Otherwise, Fictionary.

Works especially well when your friends have a good sense of humor.

Boggle and Apples to Apples are also entertaining.

Cranium – x100. Best. Group. Game. Ever.

Cranium WOW (more cards and activities) is what I’d suggest, but the regular works just fine too.

Fluxx. A card game but one that keeps everyone involved.


Catchphrase is terrific!

Loaded Questions is our current favorite.

I think the folks over in the Game Room should have some suggestions for you, so I’ll move it thither from IMHO.

twickster, moderator

Apples to Apples, and Outburst

Smart Ass That’s an Australian game though so not sure where it has been released

Also check out

Articulate That’s a really good one. You play in pairs, trying to get your partner to guess things from a particualr category without actually saying the word. Fun Times.

I’ve always liked the **Scene It **games, the generic movie ones more so.

There’s also a card game called Skip Bo, (from the makers of Uno I think) Fun game for groups of 4+. It’s a regular for my family when we have the occasional holiday get together. You should hear the swearing fly, even between spouses when we play this game. :smiley:

Wits and Wagers - the trivia game where you don’t need to know the answer, just have to know who WOULD know it. (or, play the odds)
The same company makes Say Anything, but I haven’t played that

Apples to Apples is about the most fun you can get.

What’s Yours Like
Apples to Apples
Loaded Questions

We had a lot of fun with ImaginIFF.

Have ya tried Pictionary?

Love this game. Works best with a small group, but it’s fast & fun. Sometimes, we just pick it up & play for a few minutes.

My lengthy answer to a previous question on this topic.

Mine have already been mentioned: Apples to Apples, and Wits and Wagers.

Bohnanza is also a good one. It’s more turn-based than a true party game, but due to the trading aspect, everyone stays involved on pretty much every turn. Lots of fun, and easy to learn.

There’s a game which combined charade, taboo and pictionary into one game

It has a board, and you are divided into two teams. The board is simply snake and ladders (without the snakes) and your goal is to get your token to the finish line.

Each square is a different type of challenge - one is your straightforward taboo, second is charade, third is pictionary and there is one in which you would take a doll and made it act out an action which your team-mates are supposed to guess.

For every answer you got correct, you get to move your token one square. Once it reaches the finish line, you win.

We’re in the Game Room and nobody’s mentioned Mafia yet? (I’d throw in D&D, but that doesn’t seem to be popular at parties)