Good doper board games

I decided since I can actually occasionally talk my doper friends over, for Christmas, I’d ask for some good games to share with them.

On my list I already have:
[li]Taboo[/li][li]Scattergories[/li][li]Wise and Otherwise[/li][li]Cranium[/li][/ul]

Any other suggestions? What would be the ultimate doper game?

Trivial Pursuit, of course!


Strip Poker?

Oh… Board games.

Boggle? Ooops…

Ok… Headache!

I always liked Zabmondo.

Apples to Apples. The illustrious Jane D’Oh has brought it to several Doper-related gatherings, and many of the people who play order their own game at their earliest opportunity.

Balderdash. The alpha and omega of party board games.

I agree with Apples to Apples… Also fun (though not a board game) is Rummikub.

I love Sorry! and Cranium.

Can y’all give a little bit of a description of the new board games? I haven’t really played any games since the original Trivial Pursuit came out!

I do remember Sorry!, Boggle… and Strip Poker!


Your local gaming store should have them, if they’re not wholly RPG-oriented.

Chez Geek
Grave Robbers from Outer Space

As always…

Chinese Checkers


The makers of Cranium have come out with a similar, simpler game called Hoopla that’s pretty fun too. :slight_smile:

Roborally. Best board game ever. Great if you can think spacially, even better if you can’t.

Everyone do the robot dance! Turn to your left, shuffle two paces, turn left again (looking over your shoulder at the board), shuffle forward three paces…

It’s a few years old and I don’t know if it’s out of print, but it’s not hard to find around.

Being out of print for ten years means it’s not easy to come by, but Cosmic Encounter’s a great board game.

Otherwise, my vote is for Strip Illuminati…

Can someone describe Apples to Apples for me?

Here’s a link. Really quick to learn and as you’ll notice along the right hand side of the web page, a Mensa Select game. Not that that really means anything, but, hey, it’s fun to say.

If you are looking for ‘party’ games, as opposed to gamer’s games, I would recommend the following:

Apples to Apples (as previously noted) - my family keeps clamoring for me to dig this one out when they come over, or at least they did until I bought…

Royal Turf - more of a board gamer’s game, but light and easy enough to learn for anyone to pick up. You place hidden bets on 3 of 7 horses (and one false bet of 0 to mislead your opponents). You roll a special die and then move forward one of the horses. Play rotates among the players, who must choose to move a horse not yet moved (until they all have). This continues until three horses have finished. Money is paid to people who have bets on those horses, and the fewer that bet on the horses earn more money than the ‘favorites’. You can find it at (as well as many MANY board games).

Werewolf - best in larger groups, and it is FREE! You can find rules here: A quick example would be (say a 7 player game) that there are two werewolves, one seer, and four villagers, and one non-playing gamemaster all randomly and secretly chosen (scraps of paper or deck of cards works well). When the game begins, all the players, except the GM, close their eyes. The GM then tells the werewolves ONLY to open their eyes. Then, using hand gestures or eye-movement, the werewolves choose one other person to ‘kill’. After, the werewolves close their eyes and the seer is told to open his eyes. Again, quietly, the seer points out any one player in the game. The GM will let the seer know whether that person is a werewolf or villager. Finally, all the players open their eyes. The GM announces who was killed by the wolves (that player is out of the game). Then, EVERYONE not dead discusses who they think the werewolves might be and vote on one person to ‘hang’. That person is then out of the game. The seer, who of course is slowly learning certain information, must be careful on how to relay that info for surely if the wolves know who the seer is, the seer will be the next victim.
If the wolves can kill all the villagers and seer, they win. If the villagers can kill the wolves, they win.

Huggermugger is one my favorites.

Settlers of Cataan

Scotland Yard

and this weekend I played “Tikal”, which was really fun.