Recommendations for music where flute figures prominently

My niece has taken up the flute and it seems a thing she digs and has an aptitude for. She has been playing for a little while already and she’s pretty good and I think it is something she will stick with.

So, wanting to be a cool uncle, can anyone suggest some music, good music (subjective, I know), where flute playing figures prominently? It need not be crazy focused on flute…just in there somewhere.

Also, I tried out Jethro Tull on her and she did not like it at all (bummed me out) so you can skip that.

Daniel by Elton John

Great flute intro and it comes in during the break.

This songbook has the flute,guitar and keyboard parts of Elton’s hits.{campaign_id}_&popup=false&popup=false&utm_source=google&ac=1&country_code=USA&sc_intid=2963775&scid=scplp2963775

Paul Horn - “Inside the Great Pyramid.”

Tim Weisberg - “Hurtwood Edge” and “Dreamspeaker.” Specifically the song “Night For Crying”

Ron Burgundy

Anything by The Marshall Tucker Band

Chicago’s “Colour My World” was probably written for young flutists, assuming her range to date extends that low.

There's a gorgeous tune, with a flute melody, I regularly hear on the local classical station when I have it on for background noise, but I've never found out who does it, and it would be way beyond her level anyway.

Moody Blues?

PM a musician like EmilyG. She may be of great help.

For her to play, or for her to hear? Big difference (potentially) in the kind of answers that will really help.

“Tell Me To My Face”, Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg

Didn't know until now that this song was originally written and recorded by the Hollies.

RIP Dan Fogelberg.

“Undun” by the Guess Who. Burton Cummings learned to play the flute just for this.

Flute Solos for Worship songbook

includes piano accompaniment.

Your niece will have fun working up some specials for church. Talk with the choir director and I’m sure he’d be thrilled to help.

I’d suggest starting on a quiet Wed evening service when there’s not as many people. Do one song.

It’s important experience for a young musician. You only learn to perform by doing it.

Does “Down Under” work? I think it’s good music. Shame that only two albums of theirs ever made it big in America.

Heck, send her the part of “Kookabura” that Men at Work were ruled to have infringed in their song.

Is your niece young?
Disney songs for flute.{campaign_id}_&popup=false&popup=false&utm_source=google&ac=1&country_code=USA&sc_intid=19729218&scid=scplp19729218

For a teen. Pop & Rock Hits for flute. Has an accompaniment CD.{campaign_id}_&popup=false&popup=false&utm_source=google&ac=1&country_code=USA&sc_intid=20146570&scid=scplp20146570

Easy Pop Melodies for Flute{campaign_id}_&popup=false&popup=false&utm_source=google&ac=1&country_code=USA&sc_intid=19975857&scid=scplp19975857

I’d suggest starting with Easy Pop Melodies. It’s more of a beginner songbook. That one book will keep your niece entertained for at least a year.

Has 50 great classics like…

Songs include: All My Loving • Blowin’ in the Wind • Clocks • Don’t Stop Believin’ • Every Breath You Take • Fireflies • Hey, Soul Sister • In My Life • Love Story • My Girl • Nights in White Satin • Sweet Caroline • Unchained Melody • Viva La Vida • What a Wonderful World • You’ve Got a Friend • and more.

When you say “flute” I think…

"Comin' Home Baby" Herbie Mann

Your niece ought to enjoy messing wit that one!

I would have thought it obvious to start with the classics, like some Mozart flute concertos. Jethro Tull can be introduced much later…

ETA I like some Irish traditional music; that’s a different kind of flute and pipes there.

I Talk To The Wind by King Crimson

My sister is a flautist in a chamber quartet. She loves tafelmusik, especially Telemann.

From one cool uncle to another:

Beastie Boys - Flute Loop

Gong - Flute Salad
Gong - Oily Way/Inner Temple/Outer Temple

Gong featured a flute pretty heavily, eh.

The “Chinese Dance” from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

Lizzo is a modern rap artist who was a “band geek” in high school and played flute. She plays flute on the title track from her latest album “Coconut Oil”.

Played flute professional for many years.

I listened a lot to Jean Pierre Rampal.

This. The classic Suite for Jazz Flute and Piano, with Claude Bolling. She can enjoy listening to the album’s catchy melodies now, and learn to play some of the songs at some point (they’re not THAT hard - start with a slower one).

Also some nice flute on Van Morrison’s Moondance album, but more to add color than as the main melody. Also Clannad’s second album.