Recommendations for water filters (the kind you attach to your faucet)

I posted this right in the middle of a MPSIMS thread and I think it got lost in the bustle, so I decided to post it in its own thread.

I’m going to paste the whole post in here, just because.


I’ll be honest… The reason why I try to avoid tap water is because of an image that has been ingrained since childhood in my mind, of the inner surface of bad piping/plumbing. When I was a kid our taps weren’t the nicest looking, and the thought of using the water to drink would disgust me. I think there was even a movie I saw as a kid, that followed a stream of water through piping and out a faucet, and it was disgusting. I told you, it was ingrained in my head!

I also don’t like the taste.

So can anyone suggest a good filter we can attach to the end of our tap to get that “tap water” taste and any other unpleasantness out of the water? I really do want to stop drinking bottled water, I’m just very uncomfortable with the idea at the moment.

Brita and Pur both make faucet-mounted filters. I don’t know that either’s significantly better, so pick whichever one is readily available and well-stocked in your area.