What water do you drink at home?

I am not doing a poll. I am curious what types, brands and ways do people here drink water. Brita? Plain tap? Polar? I need a new way and am looking for input.


Tap. In case you’re interested, it’s also the kind of water I drink when at restaurants.
Except at bars - for water there, I drink Miller Light.


Chicago tap. Carbonated in a Soda Club machine.

If you find drinking water boring or tedious, I recommend switching to sparkling water.

Tap through a filter I installed on the side of the sink.

Tap = well water. Sometimes I fire up the soda siphon.

Tap. We have some of the nation’s best tap water here - I don’t understand why on earth people drink bottled in places where it isn’t nasty.

Filtered tap.

Filtered water from the refrigerator. I would prefer it at room temperature, though.

Mixture of boiled and bottled. Of course, I’m in Bangkok.

Water from the kiosks outside the grocery store that lets you fill up 5 gallon bottles and then a water dispenser that filters that.

Brita pitcher in the refrigerator.

I drink that all exclusive brand called Tap ™.

My tap water tastes chlorinated, but coming through the charcoal filter in the fridge it’s just fine. If I didn’t have that, I’d either have a Brita pitcher in the fridge or I’d have a water dispenser (refrigerated and filtered) plumbed into the water supply so I’d always have cold filtered water. Of course I suppose ice would do that job as well.

At work I normally just have a bottle of water on my desk. Actually, there’s normally two or three of them. I never understood the contempt for bottled water. People get all weird about it. It really isn’t that expensive. It’s cold, it’s convenient, it tastes good, it’s 12.5¢ per bottle where we buy it…I can live with that. But then I don’t go through that many. Yeah, there’s two of three of them on my desk, but I’ll work on them for a few days. I seem to wind up with them since I’m in and out of the office so much. So if I’m in the store and want some water, I’ll grab it, when I get back to my office, it’ll wind up on my desk. As one empties, I’ll toss it, eventually, I’ll end up with another.

Filtered from the tap. However, I prefer sparkling water and usually have plenty around.

Plain tap water.

Fresh from Lake Michigan. Very very local. The lake is a block from my apartment.


Why wouldn’t we? I live in Michigan.

Drinking water bought in gallon jugs from the grocery store, store brand. Tap water here is exceedingly disgusting.

R/O filtered (just for taste) Tap.