Record-holders: The first SDMB user and the first SMDB thread

I thought I might as well make a reference source to record SMDB history (the first ever). The AOL version of SMDB doesn’t count, because it’s like a primitive version of SMDB.

The first SMDB user (moderators don’t count): GusNSpot (user id #33)
The first SMDB thread (the “welcome” threads and “rules” threads are not the threads we usually think of, so they don’t count): “Boy Scouts board?” (03-11-1999 at 05:23 am):

***The first post in the above mentioned thread was made by a user named Opal. Does anyone know what became of this user?

OpalCat can be found , unfortunately, in the Memorial thread at the top.


Wow, the first ever thread was somebody threatening to leave the board in a huff? You can’t make this stuff up.

Point in fact, the first ever thread was by an OP who, despite threatening to leave in a huff, stuck around through all sorts of personal ups and downs and became one of the most widely known personalities on the board.

Why no usernames?

We’re on vB now but the board started on a different software. When they transitioned, some of the information was lost.

I was one of the earliest non-moderators to sign up for this board (jumping over from AOL). I believe my original number was 29. But I later changed my username and at the time this restarted you as if you were a new member.

Did someone post a two-item list?

We’d have to go back to AOL days to figure out who was first. I was there, but was by no means first.

AOL version doesn’t count. Only the version we have today counts.

#157 here. I’ve been around since the AOL days. I have no idea what # I was over there.

Lynn Bodoni has the oldest surviving registration. Ed Zotti is #6, Monty is #14, C K Dexter Haven is #19, Eutychus is #22, and Cecil Adams is #31.

I don’t think they count as regular members. They had a part in setting up the SMDB.

As it was told to me, I am the oldest charter member without interruption except for Admin.

I believe others were before me but they dropped out or left for periods of time & when returning, if they did, did not get to have their old #'s and standing back. I believe some of them really did not care.

When I got on the old AOL board back in 96 IIRC, a lot of those that were already there are also here.

Wow, you’re the first member! Can I have your autograph?:smiley:

Haha, just kidding! How does it feel to hold the record of being first?

Before AOL, we used to fax everybody our replies.

I still have my semaphore flags we used before facsimile machines became affordable

Is possibly Ranger Jeff? If it is, he probably doesn’t count, since he didn’t stick around, and only came back to this board when Opal’s board disappeared.

Just eight before me.

You’ve piqued my curiosity; what was your original user name, if I may ask?

I don’t think Monty, #14, was an Admin or moderator. He’d be the oldest poster if I’m right.