Proud Member of the SDMB "99'ers"!

So says Rico’s sig line. I’m June 24… how many others are 1999 or older?

You’re not going to find older, unfortunately.

This board started in March 1999.

My member number is 207.

There’s still a few of us that predate this board and used the old AOL board.

Count me in, although I’m not nearly as prolific a writer as some of you.

I’m not sure why this is suddenly an interesting topic, but we were poking around in these memories a couple of times this past spring and early summer:
The Exclusive '99 Club.
We 99ers–a Straight Dope Longtimers Poll & Scrapbook.

(And Little Nemo is right, the AOL/SDMB gave direct rise to this board, including the apparent social divisions between the Cecil and Staff columns and the more “general” fora, the concept of the BBQ Pit and MPSIMS Fora, and a certain number of veteran posters, including mods, not to mention ancient in-jokes and well-worn arguments.)

To find the ancient posters, click on your own member ID, change your “userid=###” to “userid=2” and hit Enter. Lynn is 2. There was a certain amount of outside publicity associated with the start-up, so several very low number posters were never on AOL, but most of the active numbers below 60 (and several above) will tend to be AOL/SDMB veterans.

Let me guess…

You had to post in two feet of snow…

Up hill.

Got it. :smiley:

We’re organized? Do we have health care?

Seriously, thanks SDMB, for an answer to my early split toenail question, and no hard feelings about the lack of a definitive explanation of the Chicken McYuckets phenomenon.

I missed the 99ers, but I was here before the lost winter, and can fondly recall when there were great debates over the legendary “smashie” smiley (of which I supported. . .poor smashie, though we barely knew each other, I will remember you always :frowning: ). Also, if I remember right, that’s when Arnold Winkelreid became a moderator on the temporary boards, and then carried over these boards when the problem was fixed. I remember this because he started a thread where it was as much a surprise to him as it was to everybody else. I don’t think we have a group, though.

Yep, not only did we post in the snow while walking uphill, but we used semaphores to do it. None of these fancy modems for us, no siree. and those laptops–let me tell you about my portable Apple. Why I remember . . . .
My Gods, I just tuned my self out. I lurked more than I posted in the first couple of years, but at least I remember Wally.

I was never an AOL-er. I just happened to look up the Straight Dope because I had all of the books and wondered if a new one had come out.

Geez, I even remember the Readers Digest article on Cecil with the quote “If brains were cornflakes, you’d be General Mills”

I forget when I registered. So we’ll just find out right now.

Look,. over there ------------->

I still have that article. I clipped it, later got the first book, and lurked here in 1999 before joining in 2000.

I joined in March of 99 and I did use the old aol board.

I read the books in the 80’s.

So I qualify :smiley:

Not much of a post count there, Rico.


Do I get a prize or something?

One day I accidentally clicked the big AOL symbol on the start page of AOL. It took me to the “featured area of the day” which was the straight dope. I’ve been on ever since, although I post infrequently. But I get my '99, dammit!

Join Date: 07-02-1999

Join date: 5-11-99
Member #1026

For a while back in the Dim Time, I was actually one of the top most prolific posters here. Just look at me now! Only 0.38 posts per day.

I’m trying to decide if time has demonstrated that I’ve had little worthwhile to say here or that I have a life.
Nope; can’t tell…
But many thanks to the founders and all the subsequent mods and supporters of this amazing board, if you’ll excuse my gushing. The huge, manifestly well-informed majority of the posters here have enlightened and educated me to such a degree that I’ve long since realized what a dolt I’ve been and remain. Socrates was right (maybe).