Stats on 99er dopers

A recent banning of a 99er got me thinking.

How many 99ers were there ever?

How many are still active?

How many were banned? Maybe s brief breakdown of vague reasons (no need to name names)
And finally,
How many…gulp…have died?

Just curious.

I’m not dead!

Still here.

Also still here. And don’t forget, many (most) of us are actually pre-'99. A lot of the the '99ers came over from AOL.

User 3853 was the last to register in 1999.

Sampling every 100th user number: 3 out of 38 were active as of 2017, 1 banned and 1 completely disappeared. :eek:

That extrapolates to around 300 active users, and 100-200 banned.

About half of those sampled never posted after 2000 and only made <10 posts.

Undead, yet haunting this unholy place.


Not participating as much as I did in my youth but still here.

(And, apparently, that was my 12,001st post. Woot. )

Relics from the last century.

Going down the ‘In Memoriam’ list in MPSIMS, these are the 99ers that have been identified has deceased.

Dirty Devil
Lynn Bodoni

*FixedBack was an AOLer, and posted on Opal’s board, but he doesn’t appear to have registered here.

In the end… there can only be one!

3853 dopers enter, one doper leaves. It’s Thunderdope!

Still here. There are four centenarians in my family (just the ones I’ve met face to face) and I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  1. Too many names I recognize and miss
  2. A very few that are a mystery to me
  3. Hi Opal !!!

Seems like the board can be a bit of a minefield at times, where EVERY Doper has some continual non-zero risk of getting banned sooner or later. One mis-step is often enough to do it, and the board is littered with their corpses to prove it. You only get banned once and it’s forever.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Len was stubborn, he hung around on the AOL forum even after it was officially closed, somebody found a workaround and part of it was still available for years until AOL finally killed off that server. Used to hear from him from time to time. I thought he did register here but I don’t remember the screen name, it was prior to his back surgery.

Looking at these names brings back a lot of memories. A lot can happen in 20+ years.

Also poster Carl Berry, whose name is not listed in the ‘In Memoriam’ thread. Another deceased 99er.

Reports of my death have been exaggerated.

Is there a tontine?

Except for all of us, and it wasn’t, but that’s probably just a one-time deal.