How many Dopers are there?

I can’t find a place to check.

As of now, 146,922. It is at the bottom of the home page where it shows the newest member.


And if you check the newest member’s number (it’s in the URL) you can tell that…

…there’s a 427 member discrepancy that has been explained by several versions of where some member numbers have been deleted, or lost, or otherwise become unavailable.

You can also see in those same statistics that only 7,127 are “active” members. There have been some threads that have dealt with those issues.

  1. You, me, Zeldar and Anonymous User. Everyone else is a figment of some celestial beings’ imagination.

Me too. Used to be a lot more but they were all banned.

Oh, and some guy named Cecil

I’m a "99"er, and my educated guess is that 99.99% of Dopers are “out there”.

iswydt :wink:

Can I put my hand down now?