Recorded calls from companies you do business with

I’ve had two calls today (one from Anthem and one from Bank of America) where you pick up the phone and say “hello”, and a prerecorded message for someone starts playing. There is no verification that you are the person the call is for. By the time you summon the person (assuming they’re even there), half the message is over. I’ve noticed that Anthem at least lets you say “Wait”, but the whole thing is asinine. If these companies can’t handle all the customers they have, then they need to break into smaller divisions or find some better way to handle it.

One way to deal with that is to hang up on any pre-recorded message. I answer my mail, but my phone is for my convenience. Listening to a pre-recorded message is not part of that convenience.

Same here.

Normally I would agree, but these calls are for my friend/coworker so I feel sort of obliged to patch them through to the idiotic computer that’s calling them.

Do they ever do anything with those calls aside from offering “Low low interest rates!” ?

Frankly, I’d be happy for someone to screen them for me!

No, it’s not those calls. I’m not a dumbass. These are legit calls from Bank of America and Anthem.

I didn’t say you were a dumbass. I get calls from Bank of America, where I am a card holder, offering me lower interest rates. They are sales calls, pure and simple. I have never received anything but a sales call from Bank of America.

I thought you were talking about those recorded calls where they say they’re calling from “your bank” and don’t worry, there’s no problem with your card but they want to lower your interest rate. Fuckers.