Recorded music in restaurants - servers thoughts

Yesterday we had lunch in a little brewpub. They had the music volume turned way up. Whenever this happens, I’m tempted to ask the waiter to turn it down. But I also ponder why a customer should need to ask something like that. Can’t the servers tell its loud by the way they have to shout over it? Do they go home at the end of their shift with a raging headache? Do they not turn it down because some asshat manager thinks loud music makes a hoppin vibe and won’t let them turn it down?

I bet they do hate it. I’d do 'em a favor as a customer and ask to have it turned down.

I’ve noticed this a lot with Chipotle and Five Guys - they often have the music up so loud you can hardly have a conversation with the person sitting across the table from you. I assume it is a corporate level decision but still annoying.

ETA: Sorry, missed the part about servers. nm.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. At one point they cranked up the music. We asked the server to turn it down, and she said they turn it up loud because it’s a cue to the servers that the next song is the one they have to line dance to in the middle of the restaurant. After the line dance song then they can turn the music back down.

So, yeah. On top of dealing with customers and the kitchen, they get to stop their workflow to put on a dance for the guests who probably aren’t even aware they’re dancing.

I’m a server and I fucking hate it! But if it’s that loud, it’s because that’s how management wants it, and I am not usually at liberty to grant customer requests re: the volume. Same with the thermostat.

I try to ask before I’m seated, and then it’s easier to leave if they can’t/won’t turn it down.

Ugh, that’s kind of what I expected. I would also guess that the manager who likes it that way is tucked in the back office all day where the volume is muted so he doesn’t see the problem. Does it help at all when customers complain?