Recording from DVD to video?

Is it possible?


Dvd out to vcr in. Hit play on dvd player & record on vcr. I do it, its easy.

I think the OP is talking about Macrovision copy protection, which prevents/spoils DVD to VHS recording. Macrovision can be disabled on many DVD players. There are loads of sites out there that’ll tell you how to do it, if it’s possible on your player, but it’s probably bad form for me to provide a link.

I’ve tried this to make “car copies” of our DVD’s (we have a portable VCR for the kids on long trips) using the DVD-out to VCR-in method. I’ve found that some DVD’s implement the Macrovision anti-copying feature that makes the picture vary greatly in brightness on playback.

According to some web sites I’ve looked at, the DVD’s player ability to product the Macrovision signal varies by manufacturer as well as the hidden ability to disable it on some models. Sony, for example produces the signal and doesn’t seem to have the ability to supress it - no surprise since they own movie production studios, too.

You can get a gizmo to put in-line to remove this, too but they’re kind-of expensive.

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that you defeat the Macrovision signal to make illegal copies of material protected by copyrights. So there.

It isn’t illegal if you already own it.

Yeah, I know it’s OK if you already own it - it falls under the fair use part where you’re allowed to change its form. It is illegal, however, to rent or borrow something and copy it which is why I disclaimed.

Oh, I don’t know. I bought a Copy Master for $39, that’s not so bad, and it seems to do the trick. You might be able to get one even cheaper on E-bay.

What I’m interested in is if one owns a DVD/VCR/ television combo (Panasonic makes one in 27 & 32 inch screens) is it possible to record from the DVD to the VCR.