Using a DVD recorder (not PC DVD burner)

Can people copy copyrighted movies using these things, assuming you have 2 dvd drives?

I would think that the copyrighted material would have some sort of protection built in that prevents this. I realize you can copy them on a DVD burner in a bit by bit copy, but I wonder if you can copy them using 2 dvd players (one is the recorder) that are hooked together. I remember that some VHS movies had protection built in that prevented you from copying from one VCR to another but not all of them were like that. I am not looking for any type of explanation on how to do this, just wondering if it can be done (no hacking or any special tricks. I’m talking about straight out of the box).

Also, can you record shows from your cable/satellite to a DVD copier or are these things only good at copying things like your home movies?

I can’t imagine a very large market for a device that costs so much if you can’t even record your TV programs. Or possibly these devices have a high return rate when people realize they can’t record Monk when they are away.

I also wonder when our homes will be raided and all of us turned into criminals when they find all of our VHS tapes with copyrighted material of shows we have recorded, but that’s another thread I suppose.

I found the info I need. It appears you can record tv shows although I’m still unclear about copying other DVD’s and since I don’t want this to be about piracy this thread can be closed.

Besides, all I really want to be able to do is record shows off of my cable system and it looks like I can do that.

Even though you’ve answered your own question, there IS talk of having a signal embedded so that you either can’t record a tv show, or greatly limit you from doing so.

This will suck tremendously.

I have a DVD-recorder. I haven’t had any problems recording TV Shows, either directly from the TV or from TIVO. I can also copy tapes and DVD’s I’ve made myself without problems. Some commercially released tapes I can tape, some I can’t. So far, I haven’t been able to make a copy of any commercially released DVDs.

Are you talking about Macrovision? There are devices out there that can disable it.

And AFAIK these devices are legaly sold in the UK

Nope. It’s call the Broadcast Flag. It’s made to block unauthorized distribution of digital broadcasts.

Here’s a Slate article

They’re legally sold here in the U.S. also Dog80. Using them however is another story.