Recourse [complaint against police]

Where can one to go complain about an abusive police officer? One came and screamed at me telling me to never call police again for any reason no matter what happens.

I believe that there are separate agencies that make sure the police are kept in line when they falter. In Britain we have the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) to whom we can complain, but I’m going to assume you live in the US.

I think the US equivalent is “Internal Affairs” but I don’t know if they handle individual complaints or just investigate evidence of corruption or crimes involving police officers.

May I ask what prompted this reaction from the officer in question?

It seems like we need a bit more information, don’t you think? Are you in Iran? Because that makes a difference you know. And what did you do that prompted a cop to tell you to never call the cops again? Because I have a gnawing feeling he might have a point. Just saying.

It would take a bit long to tell you all, but my neighbor is harrassing and guilty of criminal damage and b&e. She yells rants and raves and pounds on my door. I call often.
Are you saying its legal to not be allowed to call? I asked what if i was muggedand he said you will never be.


You’re going to have to provide a bit more information before anyone can give you a meaningful answer. First of all, you need to tell us what country you are in. Second, having some idea of your local jurisdiction would also be helpful.

I have also edited the thread title to indicate the subject.

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tamara, assuming you live in the US, and live in a decent-sized city, you can call the local police’s non-emergency number, and ask to speak to someone about a complaint. if the department has an internal affairs division, you should be connected to them. if they’re a small dept, you may just speak to a supervisor and your complaint may not go anywhere.

keep in mind that if you’re seen as a nuisance caller (one who calls frequently and nothing is ever done about your complaints due to no witnesses or evidence) you’ll be treated as such, and some places will even cite you for a number of infractions in regards to calling 911 repeatedly.