Recovering items not in recycle bin

::: Sigh:::
A friend of mine went to upgrade his iPod software, and it crashed his iPod. Would not boot, would not reset.
He tried what was on the website (the 4 Rs) and that didn’t do it.
He called Apple tech support. At some point in the 247 minute phone call, one of their people said it might be a problem with one of his songs in his library and had him delete his entire iTunes library. :eek:
Since this isn’t the pit, I will not comment on my opinion of this persons intelligence, or abilities.

I told my friend that he could recover his songs out of the recycle bin by doing a restore.
He e mailed me back with this

So is there any way easy way to recover his songs/videos/podcasts or will he have to re-burn all of them one by one.
So computer gurus of the SDMB is he completely fucked, or only mostly fucked?

This would seem to work in theory, since as far as I can recall they are right about it not writing zeroes to the sector when you “delete” something, but at the same time I’m not personally sure what sort of other things it may “recover” onto your PC… from the dankest bowels of the internet.

Thanks, I sent him the link. I’ll post back tomorrow with results. Even if he only gets 50% back that is better than nothing.

It is very important that your friend not use his computer at all until he runs the recovery, which should preferably be done with the drive removed and attached to a different computer. There is a risk of creating files in the areas that previously held the media files, which will hamper recovery efforts

That’s for Windows. Unless I’m misunderstanding Rick the files were on an Ipod so your link won’t help.

Rick, check out the links on this Google search:

If you look at those links you’ll see that there does seem to be software available for recovering Ipod files. Some has to be purchased and some is free. I know almost nothing about Ipods so I can’t say if any of them are any good.

It’s a Windows problem. The iPod would not boot up, so the tech had my buddy delete his entire iTunes music folder from his home computer. All 15 gigs of it. Why he just didn’t just have him rename the file folder is beyond me. :rolleyes:

Jragon you rock. Have I told you yet today, just how much you rock? Well you do.
My buddy was able to recover over 1700 songs. Due to several reinstallations of iTunes he did not get them all, but he is a happy camper.
Thanks again.
Did I mention you rock?