Recreating Disneyland's Blue Bayou in my Bedroom

One of my favorite places to eat at Disneyland is the Blue Bayou restraunt, and not so much for the food, but the atmosphere. And having an extra room to play with, I was thinking about trying to recreate at least some of the atmosphere in that bedroom. So, what are all of the things that I would need to reproduce and how would I go about doing them?

Some of the things that I remember about the place is the fake early nighttime sky, the water-like smell to the air (not sure how to explain it), and the fake fireflies. Others?

Lots of plants, as I recall. Big, leafy ones. These guys seem to sell lights that mimic fireflies. Get a CD with cricket sounds and maybe some faint bluegrass, and you’re good to go!

Very cool idea scott and great suggestions Beadalin. I love the Blue Bayou atmosphere.

I picture a natural-looking wood rocker.

Maybe some attractive wooden crates for tables.

A trellis with vines/flowers. I don’t like silk plants, but that might be preferable if you will have dim lighting or don’t have a green thumb.

What else, anyone?

I suppose the river with boatloads of tourists floating by during dinner would be out of the question?


Well, if I can charge 50 bucks a pop, very little is out of the question :wink:

Fireflies I can handle, using stuff from Spencers. My main problem is how to get them to spin, since at Disneyland they are on a upside-down T-shaped branch that spins in a circle.

Cricket/frog atmosphere CD - Google time.

So how would you do the sky? If I remember correctly, there are stars out, but part of the sky is that purplish color that happens just after sunset. How would that be accomplished?

Also, the air has kind of a cool, humid smell (for lack of a better word), so a humidifier wouldn’t work, nor would a mister (since it goes directly to the ground.

Streetlights… what type?

Write Disney, & ask. :slight_smile:
You’d be suprised! When I worked there in the 80’s, I heard that people write in for advice about this kind of thing all the time.

Send a SASE, though.

And, in the letter, be sure to mention that you’re planning to go to the park again, even if you’re not.

Drop me an e-mail. Mr. Seawitch has been with The Mouse for the last 6-7 years, so I can get you inside info.

See? It pays to know people. :slight_smile:

Shooting star every so often. There is one of those there as well.

Also you need someone to come by every now and again to tell you to please hurry up and eat as Michael Jackson is brining in some friends to the Pirates ride and wants privacy (ok, this only happened to me once and I did get my Monte Cristo sandwich free, but still.).
Cricket noises and the faintest hint of “yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!” in the background. Waterfall sounds. And every now and again a jass band shows up in a balcony.

There is a waterway going right by the restaurant! EJsGirl mentioned this without pointing out the obvious. The waterway that ferries the ride patrons as they pass the opening “Bayou” before they go “down” the waterslide into the Carribean, would certainly produce “the water-like smell to the air.”

If you want to recreate the design of the restaurant and surroundings, just look up New Orleans on the Net. The restaurant is a recreation of the architecture and plants, etc. found in New Orleans. So if you just use the original source, you can’t go wrong.

Aw, richardb, you beat me to it! Check out New Orleans on the web; or better yet, visit The Big Easy. You’ll get lots of ideas. Of course if you really wanted to create New Orleans you could crank your heater up to 90° and keep a humidifier going 24/7.

(Actually, The Crescent City isn’t like that all year 'round. Just late spring and summer.)

Well, yes, I figured that was probably part of it, but wasn’t sure if there was anything else added to it. Regardless, the ability to duplicate that cool, misty smell would be one of the things I would want to dupicate.

Well, part of the thing is that I’m not trying to duplicate the original source. I like how Disney was able to recreate the outside world on the inside and would like to accomplish the same myself using the same, or somewhat similar (i.e. cheaper) manner.

I’d just like to say that that was some pretty pathetic wording on my part :rolleyes:

Tokyo Disneyland’s Blue Bayou Restaurant is a carbon copy of the Anaheim version. However, I didn’t stop in to see if they made a Monte Cristo sandwich at the Tokyo restaurant.

Try your search engine. Use “New Orleans”, “decorating”, & similar.