Recurrant Dreams

I lived in Austin, TX from 1966-1979. Starting in about 1984 or so, I began having a recurrant dream about riding a bicycle to Austin. It happens about once a month. I am in different places (once I was at the Grand Canyon), but my destination is always Austin and I’m on a bicycle of some sort.

Anybody else have a recurrant dream of any kind?

How old were you when you lived in Austin?

If you were young or going through a particularly interesting time, Austin may represent something like “childhood” or “maturity” or whatever to your subconscious, and when whatever topic comes up for you in your waking life, you dream about bicycling to Austin.

I’m stuck underwater somehow, with no way out, and I decide hell, I don’t really have much to lose (except maybe a few more minutes of life), so why not just try breathing underwater and see if it works out?

Works every time.

And it’s always really refreshing to take that first deep breath.

Do you think it has to do with the fact that I’m a Pisces?

I also have a recurring dream theme–the situations, locations, etc. vary widely, but I tend to have a lot of dreams about dancing.

Usually in church.

To funk music.


I wake up so very happy after those. :smiley:

By the way, there should have been a winkie-face after the Pisces comment above . . . :smack:

17 to 30. All in all, it wasn’t the best time in my life - two failed marriages and a lot of borderline poverty. But it wasn’t the worst, either.

I’m not a big bikerider, though. In fact, I haven’t ridden a bicycle in the last 8-10 years. I wonder where that is coming from?

I thought it was going to be a dream about raisins… :slight_smile:

::throws peanuts at carnivorousplant ::


carnivorousplant, that’s just what I was thinking.

clothahump, what is your emotional state during this dream? Anxious? Fearful? Excited? Joyful? That’s probably as important a clue to whether the dream has any particular meaning as any of the details.

I can’t think of any recent recurring dreams.

When I was in grade school I had a dream in which I was chased around a scary house by some kind of monster. When the monster got really close, I would realize I was dreaming and try to wake myself up by grabbing my eyelids to open my eyes and wake myself up.

For many years after college I had a dream about suddenly realizing it’s finals week and I have a final for a class I didn’t know I was enrolled in or had forgotten to attend. Many people have dreams like this. In my case, I came very close to not doing well enough on one of my last finals to graduate. My family had already left on their cross country drive to attend my commencement, so the fear of disappointing them stuck with me for a long time afterwards.

I used to have dreams shortly before it was time to get up and go to work. I would realize that I was asleep and become afraid that I was already late for work. I’d make myself get up, only to realize I’d only dreamed that I was getting up and was in reality still in bed. This could repeat several times in one morning. In many instances I believe I actually did briefly partially waken and struggle against sleep paralysis to try to get up.

I get the one where I’m walking, but my steps get all bouncy, then the next thing I know I’m 100 feet in the air. Going up isn’t so bad but coming down scares the bejeesus out of me. I’m always happy when I wake up and realize it’s a dream.

I also get dreams about Disneyland rides being mangled or turned into some sort of weird hodpodge. Last night Splash Mountain had all the animatronics removed and replaced by fire. Also the briar had been ripped out and the final drop reduced to a mere molehill. Don’t ask me. I haven’t the faintest where this stuff comes from.

I’ve had plane crash dreams a lot for most of my adult life. I’m not in the plane, I always see it crash from a distance and start rushing over to see if I can help. Occasionally it will come down really close. One night I was driving down the street and I see it crash a few blocks ahead. I see the flames shoot out and suddenly they are engulfing my car. I can feel myself melting and I’m screaming but nothing is coming out.
And then I wake up.
Usually it’s not so bad though, just like, “Hey there’s a plane going down over there!”

Sorry about the delay in responding.

My emotional state during the dream can run the gauntlet. I recall one dream having a great sense of urgency, that I HAD TO GET THERE NOW! Another I was just happy that I was going. In another, I was not happy about going. Etc. And none of the dreams really had anything to do with my current emotional state.

As an example, I had the dream again two nights ago. In the dream, I was in Corpus Christi and was returning to Houston on my bike, and decided to stop off in Austin and look around (yes, dreams do change geography). It was more curiosity than anything in the dream, because I haven’t really spent any time in Austin to speak of since I moved away, and I haven’t been to Corpus in probably 10 years or so. However, my current frame of mind during the day is quite stressed, given job pressures and trying to keep my Taekwondo school open. No relation that I can see.

I used to have this dream all the time. Sometimes it would be finals time for my Master’s, then I found out all of a sudden that I hadn’t completed one class for college or even high school.

The freaky thing was: a few months ago, I needed to get transcripts from my grad school, eight years after graduating. I got them, and they showed the wrong degree. I asked for a correction, and then they showed no degree. I was really worried for a while because I was in the batch where we switch from trimesters to semesters. I was worried that perhaps my credits really didn’t add up.

We got it worked out, and I have never had any dream of that sort again.

Another recurrent dream is that my teeth are shattering and falling out. I’ve heard this is common, too.

There’s a certain recurring character in my dreams – a young man I dated about a year ago. And when I say “recurring”, I mean “four-five times a week”, as far as I can recall.

He’s out of mind as soon as I’m out of bed, but it’s a little frustrating (“aren’t I over you already?”) and odd.

Whenever I have stupid nightmares, not really scary ones like where my father dies or something, I always end up naked somehow.

There was one dream/nightmare where I was at a hotel with my friends. We went swimming and on our way back to our hotel room. Then, my swimsuit fell apart (it just fell off at the seams) and I found myself naked in the middle of the hallway, where some of my classmates were walking around.

There was another where I was doing ballet in front of my whole school to European techno music (who does that?!) and I was in my underwear. My then-crush was sitting in the front row, staring at me. And of course, my underwear falls off somehow.

Just thinking about those dreams make me nauseated.

I used to have this kind of dream a lot. It’s very scary. It had a very out-of-control feel to me – I was bouncing and I couldn’t stop it, and could only slightly control my trajectory.

In the last few years, I have a couple of recurring dream themes. One is where I find myself stranded 15 or 20 miles from home, and I have to walk all the way back. The mood in that dream is just… resigned.

The other dream I have is one where I can run easily on all fours like a dog or a big cat. That dream is very cool. I can run effortlessly, low and fast. Very cool.

I periodically dream I am in an old Volvo I used to own, parked in Half Moon Bay, California, watching a whale migration. Three of the whales rise up on their tail flukes, bow each to each and then perform a very stately, beautiful, and dignified dance. At the end of the dance, they turn and bow to me, drop back into the water and go on their way. I realize then that the dance was a gift to me. All in all, it is a beautiful dream and I awaken very reluctantly. I cannot describe the dream verbally without being almost overcome with emotion. The dream occurs maybe three times a year. I hope it never stops.