Recurring dreams...or dreams of the same theme...

Anyone else experienced this before?

I kept having dreams about the same thing. To go on, I have to tell you something about me - I have already graduated from a tertiarty insutition, a polytechnic of sort. In my dreams, the same theme occurs over and over again - I somehow gave up my certificate, went back to High School (or secondary school…) to study and hopes to get a better O’level.

The strange thing is the dream is not the same all the time, but the premise remains the same. I also have dreams that seems to be a series of espiodes. Are there any scientific studies on such dreams?

Thanks in advance.

I have that dream (and/or variations of it) all the time! My school district finds some technicality and says “you didn’t really graduate from high school. You’ll have to come back.” But I protest: “But I’m a college graduate! Even if you rescind my high school diploma, my college degree still holds. You can’t negate that, too!” The principal replies, “Like hell I can’t. We’re the public school system, we can do whatever we want. Come get registered or I’ll call the truant officer.” And then I’m right back in class, a 32-year-old man amongst teenagers, embarassed out of my gourd.

I know of no scientific studies of such dreams. Any psychologist will tell you that dreams mean next to nothing; at the worst they mean that you may have some unresolved issues.

I have a very similar recurring theme dream all the time as well. In mine however I am walking into a class and find there is a test I didn’t know about or that a major paper is due that I didn’t even start and so on. It’s been a long time but I actually got out of bed waking-up from that nightmare to do my homework or studying. It’d take a minute or two before my sleep-fogged brain relaized that I was no longer in school and even then I sometimes would sit there puzzled trying to guess if I really had already graduated or not (sleep befuddled again). I finally put my diploma on my nightstand to clue me in.

It’s been awhile now since my last one of those but they still recur even now some 14 years after I graduated. I HATE those dreams.

On the good side of recurring dreams I fly alot (kinda like Superman but not quite as well as he does). TONS of fun!

Its generally accepted that there is no scientific basis for dreams. They simply reflect those things we think about during the day. If its recurrent, it simply suggests that that particular theme is one of importance to you.
Want to have some real fun with dreams? Find out about lucid dreaming :wink:

Trigonal, have their been studies to support that view?

My recurring dream is set in NYC. I’ve never been there. Always, I am excited to finallly be in the Big Apple. Straight away I head for Tiffany’s, but I get lost. Each time I get a little closer. I even made it inside once but they were closing. I’ve been having this dream about four or five times a year for about fifteen years.

Whack, if it makes you feel any better, I still have nightmares about trying to get test papers graded. :smiley:

I keep revisiting a city/town in my dreams, I don’t know the town, but it has a Castle, and a Red Light district, and some very interesting shops. No H.P.Lovecraftian old ones living there though, just fairly normal people.
Cheers, Bippy

P.S. most my dreams are semi to fully lucid

I have a few recurring dreams that visit me from time to time. In one, I’m reunited with the cast of a play I was in years ago (I’ve been in many plays, and it’s always a different cast), only to discover that we’re going to perform the play we did years ago THAT NIGHT. When I dream this, I’m usually the only person who’s unfamiliar with “remember your lines from 4, 5, or 6 years ago”, and I’m usually terrified. I don’t think this dream means anything. I’m sure it’s just the actor’s version of the “I didn’t study, but there’s a major exam” dream. I know other actors who have had similar dreams.

On a darker note, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had dreams involving The Halocaust. Even when I was a little girl and barely knew what it was, I’d have dreams that soldiers were taking me away from my mother in some sort of prison camp. Now, the dreams are more detailed and more frightening. I’m ALWAYS a Jew in these dreams.

My recurring dreams are either that I am extremely late for work or that I am trying to get home after being somewhere for a long time. In the latter I am always homesick and I just want to get there but I am usually lost and when I find my way it is so long of a journey before I get there and I always wake up just as soon as I start seeing familiar streets.
When I dream about being late to work, I dream that I am extremely late (hours) and I am trying to come up with an excuse for my tardiness while trying to overcome obsticales to get there. It is as if time is going so fast that I can see the clock moving but I keep stopping to do things that have to be done right that very minute. I never make it to work either and I wake up suddenly and look at the clock to realize that I am on time if I just get out of bed now. But then I am tired because I feel like I didn’t get any rest. Unfortunately these dreams are the most vivid of all my dreams.

You may find this interesting.

Personally, I have this recurring dream where I’m riding a train into a tunnel while smoking a cigar and holding an anaconda in each hand. I wish I knew what it meant… :slight_smile:

I have recurring dreams all the time. Often it seems as though the dream is a play, and I’m an actor playing a role. I know who my character is and what I’m supposed to do next because I’ve had the same dream before. The funny thing is I’ve never done any acting in real life.

My recurring school dream is that about once a week I used to dream I was walking around my high school, between classes looking for my locker. The bell was just about to ring and I was terrified that I was going to be late for class. The problem was, since I graduated 25 years ago, not only did I not remember where my locker was, I couldn’t remember my locker combination or where my next class was. After that dream I always woke up in a panic. Interestingly, I stopped having that dream after I went back to school as an adult and did well.

WOW - and I feared I must be the only one! Sometimes I am back at school till I realise I can leave, on the grounds that I did leave, after all in 1978! Of course, I have to convince the school about that tiny detail too. :frowning:

Sometimes I am back at a university and very very happy as they were both great little towns. But even if it starts off happy, it soon becomes a deep dream of guilt (unlike whatisname ben Adam) because of some terrible knowledge that I have failed to do work and will be thrown out. And it would make more sense if I ever had been sent down, but no, no sense there really.

Now I get these dreams really frequently and they only ever used to be occasional.
Incidentally, I have to admit that if suddenly thrown back into high school, I *would * fail all the exams. Sad, isn’t it?
Hmm -well, I suppose I feel more normal now. Perhaps we should all get together and form a study group to catch up on school work.