Weird Recurring Dreams.

I keep having the same dreams, almost every night.

One common theme, is that my education has not been completed.

I dream I am taking a course in college. But I am not keeping up with it like I should. And there is a test coming up that I am not at all prepared for.

Another one is really weird. I graduated 8th grade in spring of 1982. But I dream because of some very weird technicality, I and my fellow classmates need to come back, and do something. Then they all come back, and I see what paths their lives have taken.

I felt terrible leaving the 8th grade, esp. in high school. But I rarely even think about it anymore. Why then do I keep dreaming about it?

I should also tell you something weird that did happen in the eighth grade. They gave us a name-the-states on a map test. And they told us we had to get a perfect score, or they wouldn’t let us leave the eighth grade even. Pretty stupid, I think even now. But maybe that has something to do with my dream. I just don’t know.

I also have been having a lot of sexual dreams. But no need to get into that;). I guess unless somebody asks. Thank you in advance for your kind replies.

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I thought I was the only one to have the college course test dream, but apparently it’s pretty common.

Get used to it - I STILL have them, almost 4 decades since my last final. At least I’m wearing clothes in them.

Are you taking any new medications? Are you under any particular stress?

I am taking a lot of medicines in my old age. No need to go into exactly which:). And no, I don’t consider myself under any particular stress now. I mean I do have a worry or two in my life. But I assume we all do.

If you finished 8th grade in 1982, then you’re younger than me. You’re not allowed to be old for at least 20 more years. I’ve never had the dream about not being prepared for a test, but I have had a recurring dream where it turned out that my college degree was invalid because I hadn’t taken some class. So I had to take a leave of absence from work and go back and take that class. Probably has something to do with imposter syndrome.

You’re too young to be old. Some meds make me have dreams. I know someone who took antidepressants and ambien. She dreamed outlandish dreams. It got to where she quit taking the ambien. She said it was better to just stay awake.

Pretty much everyone I know has those dreams.

I have about half a dozen variations. The one that is most common is that I’m taking a course, and a big chunk of your grade is for a project you are supposed to submit about half-way through the course. I never do the project, and on the last day I’m in class wondering if the professor is going to notice. Sometimes I get the end of the course, and the prof does NOT notice.

Then there is the one where you are trying to do something (pack a suitcase, find your car in a parking lot, whatever) and you just can’t finish. Something keeps preventing you from finding that last item to go in the suitcase or the parking lot is way more confusing than you remember. Lots of different variations on the “just can’t complete the task” dreams.

The worst ones I have all revolve around the restaurant business, which I haven’t worked in for a LONG time. It’s always something to do with being basically the only waiter in the entire restaurant and having it packed with demanding customers and you just can’t keep it all nailed down.

It’s called “being in the weeds”.

I dream of a horrid night school. Weird teachers and students. I am trying to fit in and not be noticed. Kinda like my real life, come to think of it.

My recurring nightmare is being back at work. In the dream I know that I’m retired now and don’t have to stay there, but then I can’t find the door to get out. No mystery here.

I swear that I don’t think about this ever during my waking hours, but I occasionally have the dream where I am, er, extremely flexible.

In the late spring, I often have a dream that I didn’t take some critical course or test, and upon the discovery of this, my professional license becomes retroactively invalid. I had them for a few years before I told someone about it and found out that it wasn’t just me.

In the past couple of years, I’ve had recurrent dreams where I’m trapped in a building or other environment with unlocked doors, wide-open entrances and exits, etc., and no matter how I leave, I still can’t escape. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

Every teacher I know has had at least one “teacher dream.”
The one recurring one was like the one** FoisGrasIsEvil** has. Every student in the class has a hand up. The expression on every face is one I describe as dead. I can’t decide who to call on, so I’m paralyzed by indecision.

I’ve also chased a recalcitrant student around campus, and struggled to take attendance because kids keep vanishing.

For years I had a recurring dream of being in a very high place. Usually it would start with me finding myself on the pinnacle of a miles-high rock structure. I would immediately lay down (there was just enough space for that) and freak out about falling off. Sometimes it wasn’t as high and I could see the ground but could not figure out how to climb down without falling off.

In others, I would be in a skyscraper, either in a room of windows or on the roof and the floor would start to shift and I was trying to find some way to keep from falling.

In real life, I don’t have a fear of extreme heights - I love to look out of airplane windows. But I do get a very strange feeling looking down from just a few floors, especially if it’s in the open air.

reoccurring college dream - Its near the end of the semester. I suddenly realize that there was a class (or two) that I quit attending after the first week.
I had forgotten to drop the class
I can’t remember the course name or the instructor’s name
I can’t remember where and when it met

I completed my degree over 40 years ago. I’ve had some variation of that dream as recently as last month.

Mine is pretty much exactly like BubbaDog’s:

It’s near the end of the semester, I stopped going to classes after the 1st couple of weeks usually because I just forgot about them. and if I do decide to go back to class I can never find it.

I wonder why this dream is so common. Any explanations?

OMG, this is me, I completed my schooling 32 years ago and I STILL get this dream…sometime it’s as you describe, I’ve forgotten what the class is, but other times, it’s a very SPECIFIC class that I remember well, I wake up and think, WTF, I got a B+ in that class…

I graduated over 40 years ago, and have a recurring dream that it’s the end of the semester,
and I haven’t even started the class project. I have to decide on a topic and finish it in one night.
Or maybe they’ll let me drop the class…:slight_smile:

I dream that my pugs (who have been dead and gone for about fifteen years) are in danger. They’re running around unleashed in traffic or around big aggressive dogs, or they’re tumbling into a lake or swimming pool. Since they were lousy swimmers, this last one is terrifying. I’m unable to collect them up and protect them and I wake up with my heart pounding.

In reality, they were always leashed and well protected and they lived long lives.