Recycle Bin Question

Good Day Purveyors of Knowledge,
My problem probably has a simple solution. I keep sending files to the recycle bin, and I then empty said bin. Prblem minor as it is they then reappear on my desktop a few hours later, also I put some files into a storage folder and the very same thing happens. What am I doing incorrectly?

Stop running System Restore at noon! :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly I don’t know what else could cause that aside from some kind of obsessive compulsive virus.

How often do you delete something and then realise you needed it? It’s possible to do away with the recycle bin altogether, although I don’t remember the procedure for doing it, and I stay away from windows as much as possible nowadays, so can’t check. Google is your friend, though, and if you can’t find it, you can always press shift+delete to bypass the recycle bin.
Not a solution as such, but it’s a workaround.