Recycle Bin

Who the F dumps my files? THAT I NEEDED! I sure dont remember it.

The other day I realized I needed a few of the files I deleted last week. I pulled a few out but I need a few more.

I suppose there is no way of retrieving them, right?


Certainly not with the information you’ve shared with us.

If you want to tell us which OS, which disk drive and type (removable, SSD, etc.), which apps created or modified the files, whether you’re looking for files that are now gone, or for earlier versions of files that still exist, how they were deleted, how large they are/were, how large your recycle bin is, how much empty space is on that drive, how long ago you last knew (not assumed) the files were intact in place, and how many files of what size have come and gone since the desired files were last positively seen we might be able to give better advice.

But to a first approximation the answer is: “No, the files are gone unless you’ve got a separate backup.”

You can try this
but after a week… chances of a happy outcome are slim.

well I sure like those replies…not sure why the box was emptied but I did find a few files restored that I was looking for…not all but some. Will be spending time looking for the record indexes that I need.

I still have the records but its not going to be fun

Thanks you two!

Many operating systems will automatically clear space in the recycle bin as it’s set to not exceed a specific percentage of the hard drive.

Not just many. It’s how the Recycle Bin or Trash works. If it were permanent storage, it would just be like moving it to another folder. Never depend on anything being in your recycle bin

Get a backup solution like Backblaze: $5 a month per computer for infinite backup.

I recently cloned a hard drive onto an SSD for a friend of mine.
I was baffled when I went to check on the clone, and found that is was much smaller than the original (350GB vs 487GB). I found out that the cloning software doesn’t both copying the trash, figuring, well, it’s trash.
Turns out my friend never, ever empties her trash - she just can’t bring herself to do it. It had over 130GB worth of stuff in it. When I told her that it was gone (but that she could get it off of the old hard drive if needed), she said “OK - good time to start fresh.”