Recycling Cans (in SC) for Money

i was thinking… if i drink a can of soda every day for this school year (180 days if i don’t miss any) and keep the tabs to recycle, how much money can i get? i heard the tabs have just as much metal in them as the rest of the can; so i’m not going to even bother washiing the cans, saving them, and fighting the slugs off from them. (when my sister managaed to save about $20 worth of cans, she made me help her wash them out after they’d been sitting in a garbage can outside for god-knows-how-long. i ended up getting a slug on my finger, freaking out, and somehow slamming my slime-covered thumb in the back door in my frenzy to wash it off.)

Are you saying the pull tab has just as much aluminum as the whole can??? Now, think about that…does that even seem possible? How heavy and bulky would that pull tab be, if true…or how thin-walled would the can have be to make this true?

I think you shoud re-think your recycling strategy. In all honesty, I have recycled aluminum cans only claiming (at best) $.33/lb.

  • Jinx

Ignoring the comment about the tab having more metal than the rest of the can, since that seems to not be likely, here’s a rough number:

About $2.23

I say “Go for it!”

[sup]1[/sup]180 * [sup]2[/sup] 0.6 / [sup]3[/sup]16 * [sup]4[/sup]$0.33

[sup]1[/sup]Number of days @ one can per day
[sup]2[/sup] (Charitable) weight of one can in tenths of an ounce
[sup]3[/sup]Number of ounces in a pound
[sup]4/sup price per pound

The tabs are essentially worthless. Due to the popularity and persistance of an old urban legend, some charities accept soda can tabs, but it takes many, many, many tabs to make up a significant dollar value.

Since S.C. has no bottle/can deposit law, your best bet is as Earl describes.

Just imagine how much the tab would weigh if you kept the damned can attached to it. Don’t do things half-assed. Idiot.