How much does one get paid per can recycled in SC?

okay, so now i know that tabs containing more metal than cans is a myth and that a million tabs=$300. but exactly how much does one get paid per 12 oz. can recycled in SC? so far, i’ve got four.

Not so good with math, huh? If so you could have plugged in some numbers from the last time you asked a similar question.

Using that thread the numbers come out something like this:
[sup]1[/sup]4 * [sup]2[/sup]0.6 / [sup]3[/sup]16 * [sup]4[/sup]$0.33 = (approx.) 5¢

[sup]1[/sup] Number of cans
[sup]2[/sup] (Charitable) weight of one can in tenths of an ounce
[sup]3[/sup] Number of ounces in a pound
[sup]4[/sup] (Charitable) price per pound

I think your weight listed there is in ounces, not tenths of an ounce. If so, that’s about right, I think. Sources say half an ounce.

In which case, it’s about 1¼¢ per can.

i am good at math, i was just missing one variable, how many times more a can weighs than a tab. maybe it was said somewhere in the other thread, but i couldn’t remember and was too lazy to go back and look it up.

You don’t need to be a master with math, or literate for that matter. All you have to do is recycle. Count your cans, and divide the number from the cash you get in return. Your return rate for empty aluminum 12 oz. cans in the state of South Carolina is almost a penny per can (.9 cents). Of course, a can will weigh less without the tab.

Don’t believe me? Then get off your ass and recycle those cans you’ve been throwing away. Try returning your cans at a variety of recycling centers and you’ll find that they all pay within a tenth of a cent per can from each other. Even from state to state you won’t get more than a penny from your can. Why in hell people remove the tabs to recycle seperatly is beyond me.