How Much Is Recycled Aluminum Worth?

Here in my little West Georgia town, there’s a guy who independently buys aluminum, brass, copper etc. for recycling. For aluminum he pays .20 cents a pound, and has paid only 20 cents a pound for about 5 years now.

Not that I intend to negotiate price with him, (I’m glad to recycle the cans and the profits help my community theatre group), but I was wondering if there is a way to see the per pound price on a daily basis?

I think Reynolds may pay more, but when you figure in the fuel costs getting to their trailer, it isn’t worth it.



This may be TMI, I dunno. Google, “aluminum cans recycling price”.

Mother of all price charts for 2001. I notice that by the 20 ton truckload, aluminum averages about 50 cents a pound. Obviously your quaint old fella is making some serious money.

You have to register for this one to get metal prices and news.

There’s a bunch more, but I have to go now–you can keep looking under “metals prices gold silver aluminum”. :slight_smile:

Our largest scrap yard in Akron pays .25/pound for cans. Every Earth Day(April?) they pay .45/pound. Guess who saves his beer/pop cans for a year at a time?

Last time I drove past the recycler here in St. Louis, it was IIRC .31/lb.