Red beans and rice, with pickled pigs' feet?

Alton Brown has a recipe for red beans and rice that uses pickled pork. I don’t want to go to the trouble of pickling my own pork. Can I substitute pickled pigs’ feet?

When I finally get around to it, I’ll sauté the Holy Trinity, add some garlic, a bay leaf, some cayenne pepper, and water. I’ll throw in a couple of sliced andouille sausages, too. I’ll add the salt after things come together. Any problem with just tossing in a pickled pig’s trotter or two with the sausages? Might be a pain getting the bones and cartilage out.

Not really a problem. They just add flavor more than anything else. In fact, I’d omit them completely, or substitute some diced ham.

Hm… I think I’d put in a ham hock before ham.

I figured you’d have said you had a ham hock if you had one.

Looking over Alton’s recipe…ick. You are on the right track by adding the sausage. A ham hock or two, maybe some more seasonings and you’ll be fine. Skip the pickled pork completely. Alton skipped a gear with this one.

Actually, I might have a ham hock. I don’t have any pigs’ feet either.

Good thing, where would you buy your shoes?

In an attempt to channel my love of sausage towards a healthier life, I have been using the Amylu chicken andouille sold at Costco lately. I recommend it as a reasonable alternative.

In moments of weakness, I have been known to use Leon’s Andouille from the same company…

I prefer to cook my red beans without any meat. Atlhough I’ll sometimes add a bit of grilled sausage to the bowl. Alton’s recipe has a lot more bell pepper than I use, and not nearly enough cayenne. I also usually add some oregano.

Where I grew up pigs feet were prized. I remember the unique flavor and unique pleasure of chewing on the bones. I don’t know if I ever knew how they were prepared but I do suggest reading about them first. I’m reasonably sure they were not just tossed into the pot.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around putting anything pickled in red beans.

The John Besh recipe I use calls for ham hocks. Nothing pickled at all.

Pork sausage works well with red beans and rice. Get a big fat link sausage and slice it up into the red beans.