Red beans on Qixi

How did this begin?

Why do we obsess over roses on Valentine’s Day? From what I could google, red beans were an ancient Chinese love token. It makes no less sense than our roses.

It’s a play on poem #227

The given translation doesn’t do it justice. In this case, “berries” was substituted for “beans”. In modern parlance it is usually translated as “beans”.

I personally would translate it (I’m sorry if it isn’t as poetic) as thus:

I’m unsure about the cultural significance of the red bean during this period (8th Century AD) when the poem was written.

It’s kind of cool though, I know of the poem but I’m never seen the symbology used in jewlery. Heck I’ve never even heard of this “Qixi” business when I lived in China, I was to busy cramming myself full of Marxist-Leninist dialectics. Ain’t Western marketing companies great? :slight_smile:

Thanks, beast.
Again I am on the wrong side of fighting ignorance!