So, anyone eat any "ging-geng-cai" lately?


I’m thinking this is a leafy vegetable. Is there an English word for it? Is it sold in other parts of the world? The goofy translator changed it from its Japanese name to (what appears to be it’s pin-yin Mandarin) Chinese name. Anyone know about this one? Does it have a latin name?

I tried to google it, but got nothing.

Help me out here folks

and I did the “it’s” mistake…don’t tell 'kay?


“…its pin-yin…”

I tried to look it up in a Chinese dictionary, but the syllable ging doesn’t even exist in Pinyin. Better check on the spelling. What’s the original Japanese word?

Geng3 means ‘stalk, stem’. Cai4 means ‘vegetable’. Just need to identify the first character.

What’s the Japanese name? And if it’s written in kanji, do you know what they are? Maybe I can find it at the store.

All right, I googled “geng cai” and found qing geng cai. This page has a picture of it:
If that helps.

It’s hard enough to find words in a foreign language without screwing up the spelling!

If the qing-geng-cai is the celery-looking stuff in the picture from Jomo Mojo’s link, then I think it’s just called Chinese cabbage.

I’m probably wrong, though.

Uh-uh, Chinese cabbage is *bai[sup]2[/sup] cai[sup]4[/sup], which literally means ‘white vegetable’. A variety of it is known in America by the Cantonese form of this name, bok choy.

What I will have to do is find a good Chinese botanical dictionary to solve this mystery. Any Chinese speakers care to jump in and enlighten us?