Red Bull Marketing

Anyone know if Red Bull handles there own marketing or if they contract with an outside company? If the latter, anyone know who it may be?

…can you be more specific? Red Bull is a global company and markets in many different ways using many different streams.

I think you need to realize that Red Bull is a marketing company, not a product company. Much the same as Coca-Cola. Both make flavored water with enhancements.

Red Bull may use other companies to help in its marketing. However, the main purpose of both is to promote the brand.

The money is in the brand.

So why doesn’t Coca Cola have Felix Bumgaur (sp) parachuting from space?

They have different marketing strategies. Coke’s strategy seems to work for them.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to your questions, except to say that nearly all big companies have a marketing department, and nearly all of those will then contract at least some of the work involved to other companies (e.g. advertising agencies). Perhaps it would help if you could tell us why you want to know? Plus I’m curious!

Also related to the topic - in the UK a few years ago, Red Bull (or perhaps their agents :)) offered students a Reb Bull-branded VW Beetle to drive around in (complete with Red Bull bodywork - in fact, as you can see from that link they did Minis as well), I think there were other marketing tasks for the driver to do as well, but potentially a pretty sweet job for a student who needed transport.

Red Bull has its own marketing agency, Red Bull Creative.