Red Dead Redemption 2 - my thoughts while I play

You can get your horse at any stable, you don’t have to go back to camp.

I thought I tried this. I went in, my horse was greyed out an it said “this is your current horse”. It might have been possible that if I’d selected the greyed out option, it would have appeared, could all be interface again. I’ll bear that in mind if it happens again, thanks. My horse symbol sat back in the camp.

The saving issue is something that came up very often in GTA games. I would forget to save then accidentally get wanted and eventually killed and lose all my good stuff. Random deaths didn’t happen too often to me in RDR2 so it wasn’t as big an issue. It was frustrating the few times it happened.

Just nearing the end of the main story. Arthur is a fool not putting a bullet into Dutch about third last mission of Chapter 6.

However, every so often, perhaps maybe I’ve got my gun out, on the pc version, the horse decides to start running around in circles when I’m trying to ride straight. Happened at the start of the final mission, and was danger of failing the mission.

One thing which does annoy me, is that I can never use any of the guns I want on missions. A nice rifle or repeater with a scope I can turn on and off, for those long shots. But sometimes it just wants me to use handguns or that same repeater where the scope no longer works.

One other thing. Is that when it gets near the end (and in the interlude in the middle), the save game problem becomes horrible. The second last main mission runs without a noticeable save game spot to stop at through the long second last mission, the long final mission and even then throws you into an epilogue where, well, I gave up because I had to go eat. Coming back to it, I’ve got to trundle through the woods to Strawberry again to repeat that bit because, well, you can’t save and go.

I kind of gave up on it at that point because the game started stuttering like crazy so much it was painful, probably because I’d windows suspended it so many times, due to life interrupting it.

Now approaching the end. The major reason to ever fail a mission: looting. Especially with John, having little money, need to grab the ol’ belt buckles and rings to boost the income. I try and go back and loot, and then, oh dear failed again. I did it less when I was Arthur because I had 11K on him, and that was all gone at the end. I did all the treasures and now none for John. It’s quite amazing, really, people were leaving town to start a new life on $50 (Mrs Downes for instance) and yet my 11K was gone and I suppose John couldn’t have that…

Kudos to make sure none of the fifty-odd rednecks I shot near Blackwater had a single cent or valuable on them, all tobacco and liquor. Life is hard being a hick cannibal.

I’m not sure what happened to Arthurs big bag of cash he gave away from the train robbery went. Didn’t Tilly get this, but she had John’s son? Old Miss Grimshaw’s death barely raised an eyebrow among the camp though.

Arthur’s poor horse at the end was a tad unnecessary though. I reckon it would have been nice to have sent it away and seen it back nudging his corpse at the end.

It’s been just over a month since I played the game and now that I look back, I barely think about the John section other than the very ending and maybe a couple other brief moments. The end with Arthur was really the end of the story and anything with John could have just been shown in an epilogue cut-scene to setup Red Dead 1. Playing as John for hours was not that great.


Oh, I definitely needed the Epilogue. I needed to see some of the good ones again (and I assume one of the bad ones at least when done), too much was left hanging with the rest, and hearing that the likes of Straus died in custody not giving any names out was a good bit of redemption. Some have not been mentioned, but faded away in the plot or ran off, I assume they feature in RDR1: Trelawny, Bill and Javier.

So I understand it’s not the best of things, and Arthur is done, but it gives me closure at least. I’ve never played the first game, it sits on my shelf as a PS3 game, I’m a pc gamer though.

There’s no Trelawny in RDR1 as far as I know, but Bill and Javier (and Dutch) get hunted down in the first game.

The epilogue allowed me to visit everyone’s grave.

The titles helped to join some dots and for once were worth watching (I always try to watch the titles, but sometimes, oh god, why do they need to tell us who is in the HR department of the Russian language translation company). For those who missed them, you can get explanations as to what was going on, and see some old faces again.

I spoke too soon, all the bloody software product licenses at the end were so utterly unnecessary, I mean zlib? libcurl?

But in the end Arthur became a Deer, right?

One last gripe and I’m done…

I just wish they’d have some space for classic Spaghetti western music in it. It didn’t have to have loads, but a section or a mission or two. I bought an old game Outlaws which is basically unplayable, because the music was so wonderful in the Spaghetti Western style all through the game.