Red dead redemption thread

Was surprised to find that there wasn’t a RDR thread on the straight dope gamer forum yet so I thought I’d take the liberty to start one. We can begin with rumors and speculation and go from there once the game gets released. 5/18 in the US and 5/21 worldwide. Can’t wait!!!

Don’t everyone jump at once… : )

I’m pretty excited about this as well. I’ve preordered it and I’m considering taking the day off Tuesday. I’ve got enough friends buying this that we should have a respectable posse ready to go on day one, though I imagine we’ll all be tied up with the single player game for a while.

Hopefully the reviews start coming out soon. Not because I’m worried the game will be bad but because at this point I’ve pretty much run out of things to read about the game and I need some new stuff to tide me over till it comes out.

I have to look at my schedule, I’m hoping I have Tuesday off as well. Some websites have reviewed the game, I don’t really know how, because IGN hasn’t yet but oh well. I’m sick of screen shots too I want a review. Something new.

I played it a bit at PAX East a couple of weeks ago. It’s fun. I’ll be picking it up.

well, looks like this threads going to die soon, honestly I’m surprised there isn’t more buzz, maybe the average SDer is too sophisticated. lol. Anyway, out of the thousands of dopers I gotta believe there’s one or two that work for RStar SD, any insider info before I abandon this? Does the game live up to the hype? Is it really more than just GTA 4 on horses?

There is one.

Even if it is just ‘Grand Theft Horse’, I’m not seeing the downside, GTAIV was a great game, on the whole. I like the look of the gunplay mechanic, the ‘deadeye’ targetting system. I’ll probably be picking it up, if Microsoft repair my Xbox.

Thanks for giving me some credit.

Yea I tried to start an RDR thread but it failed miserably =/ shouganai ne.

anyway, yea, I’m expecting something along the lines of Grand Theft Equestrian (c’mon, we’re more sophistimicated here than “horse” :p) but it looks like it could be great. It’s Rockstar, though, so I’m quite concerned. I personally thought GTA4 was a pile of horse droppings. It was amazingly boring. I fear RDR could suffer from the same fate, yet that still isn’t keeping me from getting excited. I’m just worried there will be large tracts of land you’re forced to traverse with nothing to do, a la GTA SA

Luckily I’m forced to order american games online, so I tend to order them a couple at a time. I’ll be ordering RDR at the end of the month, most likely with either Blur (likely) or Split/Second (not as likely) so it’ll give me time to read reviews/see what people think.

I’m taking tuesday off specifically to play this game. My PSN ID is Morganthaler, feel free to add me! I’d love to get going with a good multiplayer posse right off the bat!

Well. After reading the PopeJewish thread I thought the game sounded awesome. But, forgot about it and didn’t preorder or anything. I was reminded of it by this thread and I went over to amazon and checked the price and saw that I could get a 20 dollar gift card if I preordered. So. I went ahead and ordered it. I hope it is as good as GTAIV (Which I loved. But, not as much as the earlier GTAs. So, instead, I hope it is better than GTAIV! On second thought.)

If it’s not any good I only have you guys to blame, and only you guys to thank if it rocks my world.
So. Thanks! or thanks!

What’d you hate about GTAIV, PopeJewish?

Admittedly the phone calls were annoying…but no danger of that this time! On the open wilderness, I think Rockstar can handle it - San Andreas has similar things and I think that was the best GTA game so far. RDR is apparently even bigger, but has a Fallout 3-style random encounter system, random lynchings, ambushes, damsels in distress, wild animals and whatnot.

I’ve got it preordered as well and I’ll be picking it up on launch day. Whether or not it gets played on launch day all depends on if the Halo: Reach beta gets extended.

But yeah, I’ll be playing it pretty hard. I’ve got this, Alan Wake, and Crackdown 2 preordered. I have to hurry up and beat all three before Reach comes out, so hopefully I can get a solid trade-in.

I preordered it from Amazon for the ps3. I’m hoping this will keep me as engaged as Assassin’s Creed II. I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a game more than AC II.

The only question for me is what platform to get it on. If I get it for PC, I can play with folks at work, if I get it on xbox, I can play with friends at home. Or I might just take the leap and get a PS3. Decisions, decisions.

To help muddle your decision, there’s a Friends of Friends Gamertag set up for Dopers on Xbox Live.

I preordered it today.

DrainBead78 on XBox Live.

[slight hijack]
Is it still the “aaa SDMB” or was there a new one created? I’ve been playing a bunch of MW2 lately and haven’t seen anyone online.

It’s still the same. Dopers are an odd bunch when it comes to video games. There are a couple that seem to play Left 4 Dead 2 exclusively and a couple that are playing Gears of War 2, which I can’t figure out for the life of me. A few nights ago, I saw a two or three people on Modern Warfare 2. It’s not me, though. I happily traded my copy back.

I’m currently ranking my way through Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the XBox but plan on getting RDR next week…unless the initial reports stir caution.

Didn’t even know about this game until Mr. K mentioned it in the New Vegas thread. Unless this gets a PC release, this will definitely be the game I pick up when I get a PS3.