Red Fire Truck

Need to find something out here and your help would be appreciated.

I was in the middle of a discussion and a statement was made to the veracity of a claim, “Sure as a firetruck’s red.” Well, I’ve been some places and seen some things and while I have seen a lot of red firetrucks, I do vaguely recall seeing some that were other colors.

So … what color is the firetruck where you live? Is red the default color and everything else is custom? How does this work in the firetruck business, does anyone know? Is it strictly an American thing?

Would appreciate your participation.

Oh, and tell me the jurisdiction you’re reporting on, please.


FWIW, all I’ve seen in Atlanta is red firetrucks.

I think they are mostly red here, but my sister was a per-call firefighter and their vehicles were yellow. I have also seen lime green.


some tint of yellow is widely popular.

Is that neon/lime green a fairly recent thing? We’re also seeing more signage in that neon green; I guess yellow’s not enough. Maybe green is the new yellow, I don’t know. :smiley:

Around here (Charlotte) most are red, but some are yellow.Is the difference in color is due to function maybe?

It depends. The local FD uses red trucks, but CDF uses a yellowish green for their equipment around here, in addition to those painted Standard Government Mouse Puke Green.

Mercer Island, WA purchased lime green for a long time due to a study in the 80’s indicating it reduced traffic accidents.

More recent studies countered that and they switched to ordering red again.

Yellow is the colour best seen in snow/fog.

Red is nothing but the colour of fire, and has no other purpose other than that distinction.

It’s red here, but I’ve seen yellow.

Always red where I am.

Ontario, Canada.

There are some yellow/green ones in the Baltimore, MD area going back to at least 1990 or 1991. Mostly red though.

Still red here in the UK. Yellow fire trucks are for airports.

Makes you think that perhaps pilots can see them on the runways better than red ones, doesn’t it? :wink:

Firetrucks in the suburb where I live are yellow. They often work with other departments and I’ve always assumed it’s an easy way to tell them apart.

The vast majority of fire trucks are red, but I’ve seen them this color in real life too. I just can’t recall where. When I lived in southern MA, maybe?

I looked it up because I know I’ve seen other than red.

It looks like some are red on the bottom half and white on the top half.
Some are white with a yellowish stripe.

Anne Arundel County MD.

Near west suburbs of Chicago - all red here.

We have a volunteer fire department, and the truck is lime green.

Red. Also yellow/white. Long Island, NY.

Red. Chicago-ish. The surrounding suburbs I’m familiar with; also red.