Red Fire Truck

Sacramento, CA - we mostly have red, but some of the are a yellowish green.

Most are read, but there are a few yellow ones. Schenectady, NY

I voted both “red” and “yellow.” Here in Montreal, most are red, but there is one part of town where they’re yellow (and so are the fire hydrants.)

Red here but I’ve also seen the yellow-green, I think from a nearby county.

I’ve lived in places with red (most common), yellow, yellow-green, orange - heck there are even a few places where the emergency/fire trucks are white. A few more options (blue, racing green, black, purple) are also apparently used.

Yellow-green, northwest Arkansas. Does that color have a name?

The fire engines around here are painted a special color of red.


Lots of VFDs, each with their own colors. Lots of red or red w/ white top, but there’s yellow/green, dirty yellow, navy, tan, & white among the others.
They are much more customized than buying a car. Interior configuration, setup, colors, logos, lighting, etc.

Suburban Philly

Not my town, but like most things in Chapel Hill, NC, the fire trucks are Tarheel blue

The study that said yellowish-green was a more visible color was extremely limited and taken far too seriously. I have heard more than one firefighter say they hate equipment that’s other than red. The bit about visibility is really nonsense, as fire equipment doesn’t move without enough lights to blind everyone for a two-block radius, and besides, what isn’t bright red is polished chrome. Anyone who can’t see a fire truck should not be driving.

The only higher-visibility color is white with reflective highlights, which is (as noted) used for most airport equipment. But given a small advantage of questionable value for municipal equipment over another highly visible color preferred by the folks who ride them, the only color city fire equipment should be is… fire engine red.

Red. Southern Illinois.

Red. Akron Ohio

South Florida checking in, with red fire trucks down the street.


Exurb of Nashville.

Fire trucks in the city of Tucson are generally red. However, on the outskirts, in Pima County, fire service is provided by Rural/Metro. Their fire engines are mostly yellowish-green.

Red. But I have definitely seen that yellow-neon-green, I just can’t recall where. Either traveling or somewhere in the (probably western) suburbs.

San Diego, CA. We experimented with yellow trucks, but we seem to have reverted to red.

(Our County Sheriff’s cars used to be a really beautiful bright green. “Duffy Green” to celebrate the Irish heritage of Sheriff John Duffy. But, now, they’re back to ordinary black-and-white. Pity. It really was a touch of class.)

I voted yellow but I don’t remember if ours are yellow or that hi vis green. East central MN.

San Francisco fire trucks are red. But that’s kind of our color anyway.