Red Fire Truck

<looks over fence at neighbors> Charlotte’s livery is red, with white over red on the cab. Except for at the airport, where they went with lime yellow.

Another classic color scheme that’s been popular in and around Chicago is black over red.

So the yellow fire trucks can only suckle at the yellow fire hydrant teats? Are there red ones for the red trucks?

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70 years ago Albany, NY had red and yellow trucks. The yellow ones were owned by an insurance co. and only went to fires they were interested in; or so I was told.

FYI, the “lime yellow” color is actually sodium yellow, which lies in the middle of the visible spectrum. Due to evolution, it’s the color to which human eyes are most sensitive; ergo, vehicles painted this way are supposed to be highly visible.

That said, I find firetrucks that are anything but red to be an abomination. I currently live in Toronto, where they all are apparently painted red.

Red in Memphis, yellow in the surrounding county from what I’ve seen.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Red here. When I lived in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton, they were also red.

Red. Houston (Harris County) and Montgomery county, Texas.

Southern Germany, never seen nonred fire trucks except for airports. Typical vehicles of a German 22-man fire unit

Hermosa Beach, California, has white fire trucks.

Groton CT, but I work a couple towns away so I see other trucks as well as our own. Most of them are red, but some are red and white, and there’s at least one white one around. Not sure who owns the white one - it might belong to the sub base fire department. (The base has two firebarns - one actually on base, and the other in housing.)

That particular shade is even called fire-engine red, so yeah, I figure red’s the default.

May I suggest fire-engine yellow?

I voted a combination.

The Luanda fire department is somewhat challenged when fighting fires. When you do see one probably used to be red. The ones at the airport are yellow or white.

The VFD I was a member of had red trucks; where I live now they are yellow and white.

I’m a traditionalist, so I prefer red fahr trucks.

NW Suburbs of Chicago - Red

I’ve seen other colors, namely that limey neon green/yellow type but I’m not real sure where they were from.

Ours are white, with a red stripe. I’m surprised that is such a rare response. I thought it was way more common.

And as noted, they have more lights than a UFO.

Phoenix and Tempe have red with a white stripe.

Gilbert, AZ has white with blue stripe:

Scottsdale has the hi-viz yellow (with white accents):

And the areas that don’t have dedicated fire depts use Rural metro, with their yellow rigs:

I’ve seen the “sodium yellow” but usually I’ve seen red. At night, the colour red seems to fade into black, but the yellow green seems more visible. That might have something to do with it.

Don’t sell red short, it’s a pretty powerful color and evokes a physical response in people:

As to why firetrucks are red, no one really knows. The most popular theory is this:

This sounds about as likely as the reason in post 28.:slight_smile: I have heard that red was the cheapest pigment in discussions of why barns are red. If they wanted a regal color, they would have painted them purple. Mmmm…purple fire trucks with polished brass, and gold pinstripe. Can you imagine a modern truck like that? Interesting…

They would only respond to brothel fires.

Aww yeah