Red hair and freckles - inevitable?

Do red hair and freckles ALWAYS go together? Can a person be born with any shade of red in their hair and otherwise be freckle-less, or are they doomed to freckledom?

Depends on what you mean by “freckles.”
Are you specifying a quantity or a location?
(Every single caucasian woman I’ve ever examined in great detail had a few, regardless of original hair color).

I have red hair and only a few freckles, and I’ve only had them for a few years.

I am a natural redhead, and I have exactly ONE freckle, on the second knuckle of the ring finger of my right hand. I have these things that look sort of like freckles on my right shoulder, but they’re actually scars from a severe sunburn, and they’re fading with time. My oldest daughter, who is eleven, also has red hair, and she has no freckles. My daughter and I are the only redheads I know that are virtually freckle-free. So no, while freckles are not inevitable, being a redheard without them is very rare.

Any redheads of age who need to be examined in great detail for freckles feel free to write.

You make them sound so…uncute!
:::daydreaming about cute females with red hair & green eyes & lotsa freckles::: :slight_smile:

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I have red hair, and no more freckles than you might find on a person with black hair. (Just take my word on this, Nick.) In fact, I don’t even burn very easy. The skin on my arms are tanned dark enough that my arm hair looks blond.

Hey MrKnowItAll…how did you manage to escape the redhead=instant sunburn thing? I swear, I burn under a flippin’ flashlight. Brings to mind a scene from “Total Recall,” where they were advertising a 2000 spf sunblock. I remember thinking, hey, I could use that…

Right after my divorce, I went out with a redhead for a while. She had no more than 5 or 6 freckles on her entire body, but I can’t tell you where they were–she reads the boards and she’d kill me!

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Some of us brunettes need to be examined for freckles too you know. :wink:


Cristi, I have no idea. Just lucky, I guess.

I just finished three weeks of band camp with the HS marching band I work with. Several hours outdoors, with little to no shade, and no sunblock (I kept forgetting). I now have a medium dark “farmer’s tan”.

I’m just taking a wild guess at this. Could be because redheads are so fair skinned, they get all their freckles from the sun. Or maybe the red hair and freckles are on commonly on a linked chromosome.(Am I even spelling that right?)


I’m available for emergency examinations at all hours. Don’t let those freckles get out of control! Get examined today!

(In lieu of actual physical exams, we accept pictures, providing they’re detailed.)



While I’m not covered in freckles, it WILL take a bit to get a detailed pic of each one. How long will you wait? ;).



I’m very patient. But no need to get too close. A full body shot, front & rear, will do. Oh and if you happen to be wearing a garter belt while reclining on a silk covered couch, that’d be perfect. :slight_smile:


This is turning Ugly!

WAG In Progress: It appears to me that there are two geographical "groups of redheads.

You have your Irish redheads, who seem to havemainly blue/green eyes, very fair skin, etc.

Then you have your Polish/central Eurtpoean redheads, who have, mainly brown eyes and medium-fair skin.

In my experience, only the former are very prone to freckledom.

being the latter, I am freckle-less and can get a nice golden tan (if I’m careful)

“seem to havemainly blue/green eyes”

At first glance I read that as “heavenly blue/green eyes”.

And rightly so! :slight_smile:

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Are freckles good for something (besides drawing freckles inspectors)?