"Red Notice"

This is an extremely entertaining movie with a story line that goes in unexpected directions. The chemistry between the characters of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson is unending entertainment, just as good or better as the chemistry between the characters of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson in, “The Assassin’s Bodyguard”. I highly recommend it.

Huh, I had a very different reaction. It felt very formulaic and dry-Renolds is the “funny one”, Johnson is the “punchy one” and Gadot is the “glamorous one” (though she does have a few moments of doing both of the other things too). I didn’t see the ending coming though it could have happened sooner, but it still left me with several plot holes and questions. It banked on the three famous names being in it but not much more (and Gadot I feel always needs someone else to act off of to be good).

I thought it was a fun but formulaic popcorn movie too, but I really like both Reynolds and the Rock. I didn’t figure out the ending, but that may have been because I was 3 beers in before I started watching.
I’m curious how much Netflix must have paid to get full distribution rights to the movie - it cost over $200 million to make.

My wife and I saw it last night. It was a fun brainless hour and a half. We didn’t see the end coming either.

All I know is the trailer, and it looked incredibly stupid.

The trailer makes it look like there is this quasi-legal thing called a “red notice” that means the person can be arrested by these red notice people. And these two strapping action hero types spend the entire movie being bested by Gadot. Might be an OK movie in the 50-60s, when people like her didn’t just get shot. Or shoot back. It’s like some Cary Grant gentleman jewel thief movie.

What is it with the word RED and silly movie premises?

If the movie is different than that, I’ll never know.

It’s an extremely silly film, but thoroughly entertaining. Perfect low-brow stuff that I know my wife won’t resent me for watching without her.

Brainless action-comedy. Like “The Assassin’s Bodyguard” but with a little more punchy and a little less shooty. Fun as long as you’re not expecting anything intellectually stimulating. At all.

Looks like huge numbers in this article.

Definitely silly, with over the top action and a thoroughly ridiculous premise, but I was entertained. It’s all about the interaction of the 3 leads, and they do a great job playing off each other.

I’d watch Red Notice 2

The part that had me laughing out loud and set the tone for the movie was whenDwayne Johnson got into the Porsche, “Sabotage” started to play, you fully expect a Fast & Furious style chase scene, and he immediately gets T-boned by a gelato van. That definitely let me know the movie was not to be taken even the tiniest bit seriously.

The moment there were “Interpol” agents running around like some kind of elite police force, I knew the ignorant bullshit was only just beginning. I saw the ending coming almost immediately. There didn’t appear to be any actual script, just an outline of the “plot” and instructions for the actors to be as obnoxious as possible. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, and this from a man who liked Hudson Hawk

I did expect that the lady cop (who I could have stood to see more of ) would turn out to be working with Reynolds. One question I had in retrospect: How did Gadot and Johnson know that he knew where the third egg was hidden, anyway?

Same reason none of the heroes lose a fight in the F&F films.

Nitpick: it is The Hitman’s Bodyguard.
Otherwise I’m on the side of those who liked it for what is is, a fun, silly action movie.

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction.

That movie cost over $200 million?! I thought it looked like a solidly mid-budget film - what on earth did they spend all of that money on? Salaries for the three stars?

Oh yeah, sorry. Honestly, that was a pretty forgettable film too. Reynolds wisecracks, Jackson swears, lots of shooty bang bang happens. Then they made a sequel that was exactly the same, except with more Salma Hayek and product placement for Aviation Gin.

A red notice is a real thing. It’s just a notice INTERPOL distributes to member agencies notifying them that a fellow member agency has submitted a request to hold a person for extradition. In the real world, it has no particular legal weight, but in the real world INTERPOL is just a clearinghouse for law enforcement agencies, it’s not itself a law enforcement agency with armed agents making arrests under its authority.

Yep, sure is! :slight_smile:

This is exactly right. Action movies love portraying Interpol as being far more powerful than it actually is. The greatest exaggeration I’ve ever seen is in the 2007 movie, “Hitman”, starring Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko.

I thought it wasn’t “good” but wasn’t actively mad that I watched it either. I predicted the ending ahead of time but then it took so long getting there that I sort of forgot that I had predicted it by the time it happened.


Johnson spent a lot of time shooting at cops for someone who was supposedly a cop trying to restore his name. That alone had me thinking he was in on the whole thing.

Also, both Johnson and the INTERPOL woman kept destroying evidence! Ok, so Johnson has an excuse but when she drops the other egg, I was thinking “Uh, don’t you want that for the trial?”

As I noted in the Recent Movies thread, this film had some of the worst location sets I’ve seen in a big budget film. The jungle looked like a collection of mall food court plants collected in a single room and the ruins in the end had backgrounds that looked as though a high school drama club painted brick lines on a sheet. When Reynolds came out of the lagoon, my wife quipped that the set and lighting made it look like a shampoo commercial. Knowing that they spent $200m on this makes it even weirder how bad it was.

Reynolds and Johnson were okayish, neither at the top of their quip/humor game. Gadot was pretty bad. Her style was okay in Wonder Woman for a fish out of water royalty thing but here she just felt like she was troweling it on and seemed more awkward than glamorous and in charge.