"Red Planet Mars" fans?

This site seems to confirm my suspicions that the movie “Red Planet Mars” is not widley respected.

Is there anybody but me who thinks it’s great?

One of the reviews on the page I linked to called the story convoluted, and comes to a different conclusion than I did at the end of the movie.

It posits that the radio signals ‘rom Mars’ were definitely faked and the product of a spy.

My take on it is that at the end, you don’t know if the radio signals were real or not - the guy claimed to have faked them, but maybe he was lying. Is my interpretation demostrably wrong? I get things wrong a lot.

I also really repsected that the radio signals from Mars claimed that there had been a great leader on their planet about 7 generations (2000 years) ago, who taught them, essentially, The Sermon on the Mount. I mean, if you’re going to write a script that has other life out there, you have to decide if God has given them the same religion as us, or you (IMO) are tacitly implying that all religion is wrong. The writer went for it, and I’ve never seen that anywhere else.

Are there any other RPM fans out there?

I liked the movie, although it definitely has not aged well. And any movie that takes pot shots at Communism is going to be panned.

i thought that it was great! for years before the advent of vhs i would scan the tv guide diligently looking for it!