Red red wine

Last Sunday large glass of red wine in my local watering hole cost £1.70.

Today it’s £3.40 :frowning:

100% increase in a week? FFS I could buy a bottle of cheap red plonk for less than £3.40

Did you ask why?

No I didn’t ::smack::

Come to 'straya. That’s all I can say! I am currently sipping a particularly gorgeous Pepperjack Shiraz from a case (12 bottles - I know, you probably are thinking 'I know how many bottles are to a case" but sometimes they trick you and a case is only 6) which I paid $120au for - that’s about 180 pounds right? Our wine is very cheap at the moment owing to a wine glut. Our whites are even cheaper. God help DellieM’s liver.

I could learn to really dislike you, yannow :smiley:

I get A$120 as equaling about £51 using this online currency convertor.

You are probably correct! Also, I live in a wine-growing area of the state of Victoria which is reknown for its wines. My ex-h and I honeymooned in Africa and stayed at the Victoria Falls Hotel Zimbabwe. When we went to dinner at the restaurant, the top 5 wines were made by the winery he worked at. Great, 12,000km and I have to drink Hardys gold medal wines. Bottoms up!