Red Rover, Red Rover Game, the SDMB Edition.

I don’t know if we did this yet. I would think that in some capacity we have.


Name 5 other Dopers, by Username. Additonally you can post why you are choosing them over the other teeming millions.

Do not cheat by Telling them they have been called, by using AIM or Email or Phone etc

Hopefully, One them will post next, posting 5 other Doper names. Rinse Lather repeat.

Do Not respond unless you have been ‘called over’. Seriously, I want to see if this will work!
Red Rover, Red Rover send:

Annie X-mas (Cause I seem to frequent the posts she does)

Q.E.D (Cause he seems to show up in a lot of posts anyway)

OpalCat (Come on, Its number 3. Opal had to go here!)

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor (Cause his name is unusual and I see it a lot too.)

Treviathan (I have no real reason to call this user over, as I’ve never seen the name. But seeing as he wrote a Geocaching article, I’m on a hunch that they won’t mind too much, and will play along.)

Right Over!
In hindsight, I probably should have asked for more than 5. But at least this way, we all get to play, and the life of the game will continue.