Red Screen on an Acer Laptop

The screen on an Acer I have started going red a while back and now doesn’t work at all.

It had been disassembled before I got it and the plastic housing above the keyboard was loose from improper reassembly. Pressing on it used to make the red go away.

Anybody know what I need to do to fix it?

there’s something wrong with the ribbon cable used to send the display data. either there’s a crack/break in the cable or the connector’s loose, and one or more of the “channels” (red, green or blue) are disconnecting. when you press on that plastic piece, you’re either seating the connector or briefly touching the conductor together.

thx. I will endeavor to examine the situation. I had guessed maybe a cable might be there, but I didn’t wanna get into tearing it apart until I had a good idea what to do.