Why is my laptop screen doing this?

For a while now my laptop screen will start scrambling like an older TV would if you don’t have the rabbit ears adjusted just right. Only way I know to fix a problem like this is to give a little tap just under the keyboard. It has been doing this for about 6 months and the tap method will fix it for about 5 minutes.

Sometimes moving the screen back and forth can make it worse or once in a while fix it for several days. Ive put up with it for a while but I want to know whats going on. Any ideas?

Just to add it is a Compaq laptop that I bought in 2006.

If tapping the keyboard solves the problem temporarily it’s not likely to be the video panel itself. It’s probably a loose wire or solder connection in the video cable or connectors that connect the panel to the motherboard. Unplugging and replugging the video cable from the motherboard might help if the connector has simply worked loose. If it’s a broken or fractured connection on the motherboard it’s not really worth repairing on a 5 year old notebook in most cases.

Definitely a loose ribbon cable on the video card. if you’re feeling brave you can open up your laptop and find the cable and un-plug it and plug it back in.