Red Stadium Seat

There’s a commercial on right now, I don’t remember the product sold (so I guess it’s not a good commercial). The general theme is about choosing heroes or similar.

In it, a child puts up a baseball card with Hank Aaron on it. Another hangs a baseball poster and looks up admiringly.

On kid hangs a picture of a red stadium seat (among a bunch of dark gray ones). Idolizing ball players, I understand. What’s the admiration of a red chair about?

I believe that is THe Lone Red Seat at Fenway where the longest HR ever hit at Fenway landed. Hit by Ted Williams, 502 Feet (I think).

The Lone Red Seat

Ah. I knew the Dopers would know. Thanks!

Kinda related.

Interesting. I never saw the homerun maker there, but I did see the homeplate marker.

I wondered the same thing about that red chair in the ad (for Aquos TVs, I believe). God bless the Dope! Asked and answered.

There are (were) a white seats in the upper deck of center field in RFK where Frank Howard hit Home runs.