Red tail hawk in NYC

Today I saw a red tail hawk just sitting there a few feet away from me in Washington Square park. It looked like he was perched on a cat-sized prey. Not being a bird expert, I wasn’t totally sure it was a red tail hawk until I looked up some photos on the internet. Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. They’re not that uncommon where I’m from - how unusual is it to see one in Manhattan?

Hmm. My Sibley’s guide says that red-tailed hawks are EVERYwhere. I’ve heard of lots of thing living in Central Park. Lots of parks down there, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

there is a hawk called pale male that hangs out in central park. as well as a pair of mated falcons.

try for the wonder of wildlife in nyc. there are a pair of falcons on the brooklyn bridge as well.

actually seeing the hawks in a large city is rather unusual. i have only seen a falcon once and a hawk once. the falcon was in flight. the hawk was in a tree staring down a squirrel. the people on upper floors of buildings that have lots of nooks and crannies are the lucky ones. hawks and falcons often take their lunch breaks in the nooks and crannies.

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capybara, other than Central Park, the parks in Manhattan are tiny. Washington Square Park is 900 x 500 ft and about half of it is paved - and it’s bigger than most.

This site says that red tail hawks are “fairly common,” but that doesn’t mean you see them hanging out in the middle of Washington Square park. The only birds I’ve seen in New York are pigeons and sparrows.

I’ve heard about those falcons. They’re cool. If we had more of them we’d have fewer pigeons.

I’ve seen them around. Mostly in flight or sitting in their nests.

NYC is a good place for them as they like to nest on cliffs, (tall buildings with ledges on the side) and there is plenty of food (rats, pidgons, ect.).

There is a spot in Central Park near the sailboat pond where a group has some telescopes set up to look at a nest that is on a building on 5th Ave. They are there on most summer days.