Spotted a peregrine in Queens, NYC!

I was waiting on my local branch of the Long Island Rail Road when a large bird of prey landed on a nearby lampost and let me ogle him until I had to board the train. He was a BIG boy! I can only presume he was in Flushing to nosh on some pigeons (or alternatively, to get some Chinese food like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hopefully we’ll be seeing his or her chicks on one of the nest webcams soon!

There are any number of hawks and falcons around the NYC area. I believe Peregrines favor the MetLife building.

Red-Tailed Hawks can also be seen in Manhattan and around NYC. there’s a nesting pair on the backside of the Criminal Courthouse in Queens, we got to watch them when I was on jury duty. :slight_smile: I saw a good sized Red-tail nomming some pigeon parts in Washington Square Park not too long ago. He was light colored, so maybe related to Pale Male. I thought to myself – you try to raise your kids right on the Upper East Side but the next thing you know they’re slumming it in the Village.