Red Vine Martini

What combination of liquors and liqueurs could I use to make a martini that tastes like Red Vines liquorice?

I would suggest cherry pucker and vodka, but fot the love of god don’t call it a martini, cause it’s not, it’s just a cocktail.

Remember that a fair amount of the flavor of Red Vines comes from the red food coloring, so you’d have to include that in addition to any liquor.

Grenadine should do the trick.

And I concur with **bouv **, who must indeed be a man of great class and discernment - a martini it ain’t.

I’d guess vodka, red sambuca, and bitters. The garnish would be, of course, a lace of Red Vine.

Whatever you do, don’t attribute the drink to me. Personally, I stick with Irish whiskeys, neat, with occasional forays into Scotch, Bourbon, and the basic gin martini. I’ll admit to having mixed and enjoyed a few Vespers in celebration of the recent Bond flick (“Do you want that shaken or stirred?” “Do I look like I give a damn?”) but I like to roll clean, and it keeps the barman happy that he doesn’t have to scour out the drink tin afterward.



…oh, right. Yeah, any grenadine you can buy would probably do the trick. I make my own grenadine and drink at bars that make their own, so I’ve become used to grenadine that actually tastes good.

How do you make grenadine? Juice some pomegranates and add simple syrup?

I recommended it only for the color, not the taste. Sorry to be unclear.

Pretty much. There are a number of different recipes, but I just juice some pomegranates, heat the juice, add sugar to form a syrup, dump it into a bottle, add some vodka to help preserve it, and stick it in the fridge.

So vodka (I’m thinking Smirnoff vanilla), cherry liqueur (would kirsh work?) and grenadine. Anything else. Bear in mind that I hate the taste of red liquorice (this is for my girlfriend) so I’m not an expert on its taste.

Slightly deaf bartender: You say you want a red wine martini?

Take some red vines, steep them in Vodka for 6 months, use the Vodka in a standard martini.

If there’s vodka in it, it’s not a standard martini…

:rolleyes: Oh shit, not this again. It’s a vodka martini, ok? Can we just leave it at that?

“Shaken or stirred?” “Do I look like I give a damn?”


If there’s red vines in it, it’s not a standard martini…

No, kirschwasser wouldn’t work. It’s a dry brandy.

Cheap-ass way: Cherry pucker and vodka, as bouv suggested.

Another possible way: Chokecherry syrup and vodka.