Reddit or Metafilter?

I’m looking for a second home. Sometimes there’s too much noise above me here. :wink: I don’t have enough time to join both. I think I would fit in better at Reddit, but I think posting on metafilter could be potentially more fun.

I post on Reddit. You have to do an awful lot of wheat vs chaff sorting, and it helps to be a male ages 14-25. (I am in no way their core demographic.)

Don’t know anything about Metafilter.

I lurk at Metafilter a bit. I am not a member (I think there is a small fee) so I can’t post. My impression it is that it is very highbrow and more arts-and-humanities oriented than the Dope. Some of the posters seem very smart. I do not think you get much in the way of conversations going though: it is basically people posting (hopefully) interesting links and others commenting on the links. Sometimes there is a bit of crosstalk between commenters, but it is not really what the site is about.

Metafilter charges money to post. So you have to pay to join, and have advice worth sharing. I guess 1 out of 2 isn’t bad…

I’ve been doing reddit stuff for about 6 months; I agree with TheChileanBlob’s assessment.

Shoot, I’m not sure I could handle anywhere more highbrow and smart than the Dope! I think I’ll stick to feeling superior to the doofuses on Reddit!

Reddit is a lot of fun, mostly observations and humor on the home page, but if you dig deeper there is a ton of different content there.

By the way, Reddits web interface turned me off, but if you have an Android device I found the “Reddit is Fun” app interface was much more to my liking.

Neither. I actively avoid Reddit because of the admins’ stance on things like child porn (their stance being somewhere between “we don’t encourage it, but we won’t stop it” to “we actively post it along with some of the members.”)

Yes, a few months ago there was a “purging,” of sorts, to remove the child-porn sub-Reddits, and it worked for a while, but they are coming back in other sub-Reddits and once again, the Admins are doing jack shit about it under the guise of “Libertarianism” :rolleyes:

On top of that, there was a recent thread/topic that got upvoted towards the top of the list that was about rape/specific instances of rape, from the POV of the rapist. I don’t care if every single one of the replies was fake, that is disgusting and inhuman, especially since most of the Redditers who were claiming to be the rapists had little to no remorse over their acts, and often looked back fondly on them.

I do read and post regularly at SomethingAwful, though. It’s actually my main forum now, not the Dope.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering how I know about these Reddits topics without going there myself, it’s because of SA. SA and Reddit have a sort of informal “fued” going. It’s by no means a “board war,” but there are occasionally threads on SA about the some of the horrible shit on Reddit, like the child porn and rape topics. In fact SA was instrumental in helping to get the child porn sub-Reddits shut down a few months ago.
Edit: And I know the vast majority of Reddit and Redditers have nothing to do with the horrible side of Reddit, but I can’t being myself to go there or support them in any way as long as the site admins turn a blind eye to it.

**Diamonds **would fit right in at reddit. Hell, redditors would love her. Lesbian posting provocative topics? Choo choo karma train!